Rebecca (DP155)

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Rebecca (Japanese: レベッカ Rebecca) is a character of the day who appeared in Double-Time Battle Training!.


Rebecca is a Pokémon Coordinator who competed in the Brussel Town Pokémon Contest with her Shuckle. She made it all the way to the final round, but lost against Zoey and her Glameow.

This win against Rebecca gave Zoey her fifth and final Ribbon, which qualified her to compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival.


This listing is of Rebecca's known Pokémon in the anime:

Rebecca's Shuckle made a brief appearance in Double-Time Battle Training!, when it went up against Zoey and her Glameow during the final round of the Brussel Town Contest. Although Shuckle seemed powerful, it was unable to stand up to Glameow's Shadow Claw and Iron Tail, and was quickly defeated.

Shuckle's known moves are Constrict and Withdraw.

Debut Double-Time Battle Training!
Voice actors
English Tom Wayland


Rebecca has competed in the following Pokémon Contests:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 上田純子 Junko Ueda
English Unknown
Czech Nikola Votočková
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Serena Clerici
Norwegian Anine Kruse
Polish Joanna Pach
Brazilian Portuguese Gilmara Sanches
European Spanish Alicia Sainz de la Maza

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