Pokémon Top 10 Collector Cards

Pokémon Top 10 Collector Cards was a planned set of Pokémon-themed trading cards by Topps in commemoration of the Pokémon 10th Anniversary in 2006. A promotional pamphlet indicates there was intended to make each of the cards in the set a "Top 10" theme, including categories for Favorite Pokémon, Cutest Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, Spookiest Pokémon, Strongest Pokémon, Strangest Pokémon, anime episodes, battles, and Trainers. In addition, there were several types of chase cards in the set: "Die-Cut Magnets" and "Foil Parallels".

Some of the Pokémon included on the cards, as evidenced from the promotional pamphlet, was to include Mewtwo, Sceptile, Nosepass, Pikachu, Duskull, Blastoise, Meowth, Charmander, and Combusken, as well as a card including Brock.

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