Pokémon Johto League Champions Trading Cards

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A packet of Johto League Champions cards

Pokémon Johto League Champions Trading Cards was a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps. There were 50 cards in total: 37 Pokémon cards, 12 episode cards and a checklist card. Each of these 50 cards also had a foil card version. In addition, there were 55 bonus "chase cards" not included on the checklist: 37 sticker cards and 18 die-cut embossed cards.

Cards were sold in randomly distributed packets of eight. This number included one sticker, one die-cut embossed card, and one foil card for each packet.

Cards in the Johto League Champions series


Set # Front Title Back text
1   #169 Crobat This large Pokémon flies silently through the night on its four wings. The final evolution of Zubat, the Crobat is very hard to spot when walking through the woods, its native habitat. It can fly very fast, and often finds it hard to stop flying, even for a rest.
2   #172 Pichu The first evolutionary stage of Pikachu and Raichu, Pichu is an undeniably cute electric Pokémon, and charms any trainer with its gentle nature. Not yet as skilled as Pikachu in its powers, Pichu will accidentally send out a jolt if it's startled or laughing hard.
3   #173 Cleffa Who knew? Cleffa is the very first evolution of Clefairy and Clefable. This normal Pokémon is a newcomer to the known Pokémon of the world. Because of its star-like shape, many people believe Cleffa came here on a meteor.
4   #174 Igglybuff The very first evolution of Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff, Igglybuff is a normal-type Pokémon who's just learning to SING. Its soft body is extremely flexible and elastic. If it starts to roll, it will bounce all over the place.
5   #186 Politoed The next evolutionary step of the Poliwhirl, this water Pokémon can be found in lakes and rivers. Its spiral no longer as pronounced on its chest, the Politoed can still hypnotize others. They also have a strong sense of community, and will come running if they hear one of themselves crying for help.
6   #196 Espeon One of the next possible evolutions of Eevee, this graceful psychic Pokémon can predict the moves of its enemies as well as the weather and how objects will move. Espeon's fine body hair helps it sense air currents, letting it react quickly to its enemies!
7   #197 Umbreon An alternate evolution of Eevee, the Umbreon is dark as night when compared to Espeon's light coloring. A dark Pokémon, Umbreon are very rarely seen and almost never captured. At nighttime, Umbreon can be spotted thanks to their glowing silver rings — a chilling sight!
8   #199 Slowking One of the smartest Pokémon, Slowking is the final evolution of Slowpoke, and can often be found near sacred shrines or temples. Ash and our heroes have learned that Slowking are very serious and serene.
9   #200 Misdreavus A ghost-type Pokémon, our heroes learned the hard way just how mischievous Misdreavus can be. It loves to screech and wail in the night and yank people's hair from behind. Like its fellow ghost Pokémon, Misdreavus is a free spirit and is rarely seen or captured.
10   #201 Unown You would think it's just writing on the wall, but it's actually the psychic Pokémon, Unown. The order of its symbols appears to have some meaning, and it may be connected to ancient hieroglyphics. Because it looks like writing on a wall, Unown is often overlooked.
11   #205 Forretress The next evolution of the bug Pokémon Pineco, Forretress is covered in a steel-hard shell, leaving the appearance of what lives inside a complete mystery. Be sure to duck if Forretress thinks you're an enemy. It scatters pieces of its hard shell to drive its enemies away!
12   #206 Dunsparce A normal-type Pokémon, the Dunsparce moves across the ground like a snake, but burrows into the ground using its tail when spotted by trainers or other Pokémon looking to do battle. Despite its preference for crawling on the ground, the Dunsparce's small wings allow it to float above the ground slightly.
13   #211 Qwilfish A mean-looking water-type Pokémon, the Qwilfish is very dangerous. See those spikes? They're poisonous and cause whomever they hit to faint. If you find one of these on the end of your hook, let it go!
14   #212 Scizor This giant bug-type Pokémon can fool its enemies by bringing its pincers up to make it look like it has three heads — something that will frighten the hardiest Pokémon! Don't be fooled by its wings — as Ash learned, Scizor can't fly, but flap their wings to cool themselves off.
15   #215 Sneasel A dark-type Pokémon, Sneasel are most often seen in the woods at night — and then just barely, thanks to their dark coat. While they can be fierce fighters with their claws, Sneasel prefer to sneak about, often stealing eggs from the nests of Pidgey.
16   #218 Slugma At home in volcanoes and anywhere that's hot, this fire-type Pokémon has to keep moving, otherwise its magma body will cool and harden into rock. Slugma are in constant motion, looking for warm places around large volcanoes or steam vents.
17   #219 Magcargo The evolved form of Slugma, the Magcargo is a fire-type Pokémon. While its shell is magma that has cooled and hardened, be careful. It breaks easily with the slightest touch! Like Slugma, the Magcargo is always on the move, looking for a nice hot volcano where it can relax.
18   #222 Corsola A water-type Pokémon, the Corsola looks like a living coral reef. It sheds and grows all the time, and the tip of its head is considered especially valuable for its beauty. But that's not all. In the south sea, people actually live in communities that are built on groups of Corsola!
19   #223 Remoraid A highly valued water Pokémon, the Remoraid is most often found clinging to the underside of a Mantine as it swims, allowing the Remoraid to pick up any leftovers from the Mantine's meals. Misty and other water Pokémon trainers miss Remoraid because they forget to look under Mantine.
20   #224 Octillery This water-type Pokémon is the evolved form of Remoraid, and lives on the bottom of the sea where it creeps along and hides in caves, making it very hard for trainers to find.
21   #225 Delibird A rare ice-type Pokémon, the Delibird is well-known to travelers of the poles, where this Pokémon is sometimes seen carrying food. Brock has heard many stories about the Delibird rescuing stranded trainers who have run low on supplies.
22   #227 Skarmory A very rare steel-type Pokémon, the Skarmory's wings are toughened to steel-like hardness when it is young and living among thorny bushes. As Brock knows, by the time they are adults, their wings are hollow and light, and allow the Skarmory to fly majestically.
23   #228 Houndour A dark-type Pokémon, the Houndour has many types of howls that may scare people at night, but are really just its way of talking to other Houndour in the area. Very intelligent, Houndour often travel in packs and circle their prey, as our heroes found out the hard way!
24   #229 Houndoom The evolved form of the Houndour, this dark-type Pokémon can shoot fire from its mouth. Legends has it that if you're burned by the Houndoom's flame, the pain never goes away. Even the largest and bravest Pokémon and their trainers fear the Houndoom and run when they hear its cry.
25   #230 Kingdra One of Misty's favorites among the new-type Pokémon, Kingdra is the final evolution of Horsea, and lives deep under water in caves and rocky crags. Master of currents, it can cause whirlpools without a thought. It is usually attended by several Horsea.
26   #233 Porygon2 A normal-type Pokémon, and final evolution of Porygon, this is a virtual Pokémon that was designed specifically for space travel. Despite its appearance, the Porygon2 can't fly, and is of very limited intelligence.
27   #236 Tyrogue The newly discovered initial form of Hitmonchan, this fighting Pokémon packs a serious punch despite its small size. Like its evolved forms, the Tyrogue is always looking for a fight, and will often keep fighting, even after it loses a battle. As our heroes learned, Tyrogue is a feisty Pokémon to deal with!
28   #237 Hitmontop The second evolution of Tyrogue, Hitmontop is a fighting Pokémon capable of pummeling any Pokémon it comes into battle with. While it may look silly spinning on its head, its movements are very graceful, and may hypnotize opponents.
29   #238 Smoochum One of the cutest ice Pokémon you'll ever see, Smoochum got its name because of its tendency to examine new things by pressing its lips against them. While its big eyes and kissing make it sound adorable, our heroes have learned that sometimes a kissing Pokémon can get annoying!
30   #240 Magby The first stage of Magmar, Magby is a fire-type Pokémon that lives in volcanoes and inside hot caves. As many trainers have learned, the Magby dribbles hot embers from its mouth, so stay clear unless you want to get burned!
31   #243 Raikou An electric-type Pokémon that even Raichu and Pikachu fear, the Raikou is like a living lightning storm, with lightning shooting from the cloud it carries on its back. Brock will tell you stories of how Raikou originally lived in the storm clouds of the sky, but came to earth with the first bolts of lightning.
32   #244 Entei A gigantic fire Pokémon, the Entei are too powerful to be captured or trained. According to legend, a new Entei is born every time a new volcano bursts through the earth's surface — some say that a volcanic eruption allows the Entei to hatch from their eggs.
33   #245 Suicune One of the most powerful water-type Pokémon, the Suicune's existence is the stuff of legend. According to myths, the Suicune is the embodiment of the North Winds, and can purify water with a touch. It's far too powerful to be captured.
34   #246 Larvitar A powerful rock Pokémon, Larvitar is the initial stage of the Pupitar. As a rock Pokémon, it is born deep underground, and must eat the dirt around it to be able to come to the surface. Once there, it will continue to eat soil and even mountains, sometimes endangering residents.
35   #247 Pupitar The evoled form of Larvitar, this rock-type Pokémon is one that Brock would love to add to his collection. Sealed inside a rock-hard shell, the Pupitar can move freely, and can even bring down mountains with its wild movements.
36   #248 Tyranitar The final evolution of Larvitar and Pupitar, the Tyranitar is one of the most powerful rock Pokémon in the world. Unable to be harmed due to its hard shell, the Tyranitar cares little about other Pokémon or people, and will often change entire landscapes for its own amusement.
37   #250 Ho-Oh A legendary fire-type Pokémon, the Ho-Oh supposedly flies high above the globe on its seven-colored wings, creating rainbows in its wake. Myths tell of Ho-Oh nests, but no one has ever been able to find one, let alone see a Ho-Oh.

Episode cards

Set # Front Title Back text
Snap01   Got Miltank? In Goldenrod City, Ash battles Gym Leader Whitney who uses her Miltank to do battle. Ash and his Pokémon quickly learn that despite its gentle appearance, Miltank's Rollout Attacks are nearly unstoppable!
Snap02   Electric Victory! Teaming with Whitney, Ash, Brock and Misty defeat Team Rocket's latest plan to capture a herd of Miltanks, with Pikachu delivering the final, electrifying attack! Afterwards, Ash and Whitney battle, and Ash wins his Plain Badge.
Snap03   Brave Prince Ash! After winning his Plain Badge, Ash and his friends are cast in the adventure of Brave Prince Goldenrod, a fantasy adventure that's part of the radio show, The Pokémon Drama Hour!
Snap04   Home Run Pokémon! On their way through a national forest, our heroes meet Casey, who tells them all about her favorite baseball team, Electrabuzz! Later on, everyone enjoys a baseball game played by the Pokémon!
Snap05   Hold On Brock! After it escapes from Team Rocket, a wild Sudowoodo runs to our heroes, but is too frightened to say anything. Brock saves the day by jumping on the Sudowoodo and holding on, eventually calming it down.
Snap06   Fossil Friends In the Ancient Pokémon Study Park, Pikachu meets an Omanyte and an Omastar, two ancient Pokémon Professor Oak thought to be long extinct. For Pikachu, it's like meeting a long-lost great-great-grandfather!
Snap07   The Messenger Pidgey While Pidgeys are most often found in the wild, Ash, Brock and Misty discover a town where Pidgeys are used to deliver messages and packages to people who live in remote locations. Mr. Denjiro and his grandson, Watari, have operated the service for years, and our heroes help them defend it against Team Rocket!
Snap08   Zubat Times Two! Brock and Dr. Anna race to stop Team Rocket from stealing food from the hospital in the old castle. With their Zubats behind them and ready to battle, Team Rocket doesn't have a chance!
Snap09   Chigusa's Hitmontop On their way to Ecruteak City, Ash, Misty and Brock discover a dojo where Pokémon like Hitmontop are trained in the ways of martial arts. Later, Hitmontop helps to stop Team Rocket as they try to poach all the Hitmontops in the region. Watch out for its spinning kicks!
Snap10   Jungle Hijinks! When their ball flies into the jungle, Chikorita discovers an Aipom has claimed it as its newest toy! Later, Aipom, Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totdile join forces to help Team Rocket escape sure death — only to have Team Rocket repay their kindness by trying to capture them!
Snap11   The Fishing Battle During Competition, our heroes are amazed when Tokio uses his Poliwrath to help him catch gentle Seakings. Later, Tokio learns there are better ways to fish — and solve problems — than with violence.
Snap12   The Most Beautiful Pokémon! When our heroes stop in Blow Town, Brock enters Vulpix in a beauty contest and meets up with Suzie, who helps him prepare for the pageant. Later, Vulpix helps defeat Team Rocket when they try to steal all the Pokémon in the pageant!


  • Checklist

Chase cards

Sticker Cards

There are 37 sticker cards in the set, numbered in National Pokédex order. The sticker portion forms an oval on the front of the card, in which the Pokémon is contained.

The Pokémon that appear on the sticker cards are the same as those in the regular set but have different poses.

Die-cut Embossed Cards

There are 18 die-cut embossed evolution cards in the set, representing six three-stage evolutionary lines. The image of each Pokémon and the Pokémon logo are embossed.

  1. Zubat
  2. Golbat
  3. Crobat
  4. Pichu
  5. Pikachu
  6. Raichu
  7. Cleffa
  8. Clefairy
  9. Clefable
  10. Igglybuff
  11. Jigglypuff
  12. Wigglytuff
  13. Slowpoke
  14. Slowbro
  15. Slowking
  16. Larvitar
  17. Pupitar
  18. Tyranitar

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