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Diamond & Pearl arc
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Bogging Down Quagsire
Downpour and Helping Hand
VS ヌオー
VS Nuoh
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 400 in Vol. 36
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 63 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Diamond's house
Team Galactic airship
Snowpoint Temple
Lake Valor

Bogging Down Quagsire (Japanese: VS ヌオー VS Quagsire), titled VS Quagsire in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 400th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 63rd chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Downpour and Helping Hand (Japanese: 大雨と助け手 Heavy Rain and Helpers) in the VIZ Media translation and Storms and Helpers in the Chuang Yi translation.


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After escaping from Team Galactic at Lake Verity, Roseanne and Sebastian hurry with Johanna to her house in Twinleaf Town. Finding a pair of shoes on the floor, Johanna realizes that Diamond took the new outfit she bought for him to the lake. She reveals that she had placed a cell phone inside of the new jacket, then takes out her own phone to call it. To her relief, Diamond answers. Diamond apologizes to Johanna for putting her in danger, then reassures her that he is okay and Mesprit is with him. When he tells her that he will be unable to return home for some time, a sound blares through the speaker on Johanna's phone. She asks Diamond where he is, and he reveals that he is inside of Team Galactic's aircraft.

Platinum brings Candice and Maylene to safety in an ancient building after they are caught in a blizzard. As her Rapidash uses its flames to warm the unconscious Gym Leaders, Platinum regrets being unable to protect Uxie. Suddenly, a loud roar booms from somewhere inside. Suspecting the sound is coming from a wild Pokémon, Platinum weakly grabs a Poké Ball and prepares to catch it. The freezing temperature quickly wears her down, and she collapses. As the Poké Ball rolls away, a large, shadowed figure approaches it.

At the dried-up Lake Valor, Rad Rickshaw desperately tries to awaken Pearl. Panicking, he can't decide whether to chase after Team Galactic's aircraft or help Pearl. Behind Rad, a hooded person appears and declares that the best thing to do is use Rain Dance. Rain pours down from the sky, and the Magikarp that were helplessly flopping on the ground are overjoyed. Rad is delighted that the lake is filling with water, and the hooded person reveals himself to be Crasher Wake. Crasher Wake explains that Byron had warned him about Team Galactic's plan, but was too late. As he picks up Pearl from the ground, Crasher Wake admires his effort against Team Galactic, and is reminded of a certain someone.

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PS399 : Mixing It Up with Machamp
Diamond & Pearl arc
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