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Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
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The Last Battle XI
The Last Battle XI
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 177 in Vol. 14
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 177 in Vol. 14
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Ilex Forest

The Last Battle XI (Japanese: 最終決戦XI The Last Battle XI) is the 177th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 87th chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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Green notices Red and Blue below her, and orders Articuno and Zapdos to pick them up. With Red on Articuno and Blue on Zapdos, a combined blast from the legendary birds is launched towards Ho-Oh, whose Sacred Fire struggles to contain it. Lugia delivers an Aeroblast to combine with Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire and fend off the legendary birds' attacks. Green almost falls off Moltres, and Ho-Oh intercepts Red and Blue's attempt to help her.

Red and Blue eventually realize the significance of the shrine they resurfaced next to. Karen jumps onto Moltres to face Green. She sends her Umbreon out to once again face Green's Snubbull. Umbreon, charged with Moonlight, knocks Green and her Snubbull off Moltres. Meanwhile on Lugia, Will orders a Peck from his Xatu towards Silver, but his Sneasel blocks the attack with its claws. Will taunts Silver over the latter's time in the outside world; Silver retorts saying that life under the Masked Man will forever haunt him. Will, however, claims that he and Karen willingly became the Masked Man's accomplices. Knowing this as a direct contradiction to his belief that his former colleagues were also kidnapped, Silver no longer holds back. He pushes Will and Xatu off Lugia.

Xatu tries to catch Will's fall, but Silver's Pokémon pop out of their Poké Balls to beat up the bird. With new-found determination, Silver states that unlike Will, who merely sees their battle as a game, he sees his battle as one against his own destiny. With that Feraligatr knocks Xatu out with Return. Will's response to the well-prepared Silver is to run away, thus he contacts Karen via Pokégear to urge her to do the same.

Meanwhile, Yellow arrives at the forest, wondering if Pika, Chuchu, and the Day-Care Couple are safe.

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PS176 : The Last Battle X
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
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