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Eradicate Raticate!
VS Ratta
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 82 in Vol. 7
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VIZ Media full volume Adventure 82 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Cerise Island

Eradicate Raticate! (Japanese: VSラッタ VS Ratta) is the 82nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The chapter begins with Lance showing off his power of healing to Yellow when he cures Aerodactyl's damage. Yellow then realizes that he shares the same powers as her, realizing why Green set her on this journey.

Yellow then tells Mewtwo, who is inside the Master Ball, that there is a legend of every time once a few years, a person is born in Viridian Forest with the power of reading Pokémon minds and healing. Then she becomes ready to give up due to the enormous difference of power between them, but Mewtwo gives her a change of opinion and sends her party towards Lance. Lance escapes into the volcano of Cerise Island and Yellow follows him.

Upon arriving, Lance tells her that he uses the power of his dragons to warm up the volcano, saying that it will be the scenario for their final battle. Suddenly a giant Dragonite appears and uses its Strength to break the ground near Yellow, releasing lava everywhere and causing the volcano to erupt.

Yellow then remarks the training section Blaine had before meeting up with her, and Blue's words, to realize the reason of that kind of training. She orders Doduo to use Peck and Ratty to use Super Fang on the Dragonite, but with no avail as it throws both aside. She tries again with Graveler's Take Down, Omanyte's Water Gun, and Kitty's String Shot, but again they are defeated.

Yellow pleads to Lance to stop his awful plan, saying that both Pokémon and human are being hurt in this war, but he ignores her. She says that he shouldn't use his powers that way, remembering Red's words. Lance orders Dragonite to use Fire Blast on her, which sends her flying into a boulder.

Major events

  • Yellow realizes the reason she was chosen to take on the Elite Four is because she shares the same powers as Lance.
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PS081 : Aerodactyl Redux
Yellow arc
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