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You Know...Articuno!
VS フリーザー
VS Freezer
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 25 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 25 in The Dangerous Dragonite
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 25 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Seafoam Islands

You Know...Articuno! (Japanese: VS フリーザー VS Freezer) is the 25th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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On the Seafoam Islands, the Legendary Pokémon Articuno flies around the island as Team Rocket are searching for something.

Elsewhere, Misty is teaching Red how to ride Gyara. Barely able to keep a hold on him, Red crashes into the shoreline, leaving them both embedded face down in the sand. Misty congratulates him on reaching the island, which also happens to be the nesting grounds of Articuno. She hands him Gyara's Poké Ball to borrow so he can still navigate the waters even in spite of the Hidden Machine for Surf getting destroyed. She informs him that Gyara has been completely rehabilitated since they first met, saying he shouldn't have any problems. Abruptly, she turns to leave. Red asks about having her come with him, but Gym Leaders lead busy lives, and the only reason she was even this far out is because she knew he'd have trouble crossing the water. She takes Red's Poké Ball with Krabby as collateral for her Gyarados, and quickly leaves on Starmie. Red is content to at least have a Pokémon capable of Surf now, while Misty wishes she could have stayed after all.

Sometime later, Red has gotten deep into the island, starting to shiver as the surroundings get colder. He wonders to himself if the withered and dry foliage could be caused by Articuno, as several Team Rocket Grunts peek at him from behind some nearby trees. Red calls out all his Pokémon, telling them their opponent is the Legendary Bird Pokémon Articuno, making sure they know to alert him if they notice anything at all. Almost forgetting Gyara, he introduces him to the rest of the team, who immediately shrink in fear. Remembering the last encounter they had together, Red tries to explain that he won't be anything but friendly now. Red, exasperated as the Pokémon are still backing away from Gyara, figures they'll start getting along sooner or letter.

Suddenly, a Muk is directly above him, almost about to smother him as Pika quickly jumps into action. Gyara is able to arrive first, able to push back Muk to Pika's surprise. Red calls on his other Pokémon for help, but they just look at each other nervously, leading Red to have to rush into the fight himself. His movement is stopped as a shuriken strikes the ground in front of him, looking up to reveal a member of Team Rocket accompanied by his dozen grunts as backup.

They proudly declare Articuno as their property, as Red notices that Articuno is frozen in ice, a defense mechanism in response to the presence of an enemy so it may avoid confrontation. As Muk begins wrapping itself around the Articuno, Red commands in Gyara. Gyara begins pouring sweat, unmoving, the mere presence of Team Rocket beginning to trigger memories of the experiments they performed on him. Muk redirects, attacking Gyara as Articuno breaks free of the ice. Team Rocket is forced to pivot their attention to chasing after Articuno as it begins flapping its wings to escape. Red begs his Pokémon to help Gyara as it struggles with Muk, being able to see how much he's hurting from the attacks and the terrible memories.

Vee steps forward, intimately familiar with Team Rocket's cruelty. His other Pokémon gain their confidence, and they all leap into action fighting Muk. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is trying to hold down Articuno's wings, but the Legendary sends them cowering after launching large chunks of ice towards them. Red appears to have the upper hand on Muk, just as it effortlessly flings away his Pokémon, and begins to dive back onto Red and Gyara. Articuno takes notice, freezing Muk solid just in time. Red is surprised that Articuno chose to help him, but quickly changes his thoughts to Gyara, noticing that he's back to normal. Articuno flies away, Team Rocket giving chase, and Red is left to think over the events that took place. Disappointed that Articuno got away, he considers it to be more than made up for by the fact that all his Pokémon came together to help Gyara when he needed it.

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PS024 : What a Dragonite
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