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A Hollow Victreebel
VS ウツボット
VS Utsubot
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 22 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 22 in Mission: Magmar
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 22 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Safari Zone

A Hollow Victreebel (Japanese: VS ウツボット VS Utsubot) is the 22nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Somewhere in the Fuchsia Safari Zone, the Safari Zone personnel and Red's Pokémon have mounted a search party for him, but have not yet found him. The warden looks worried, quietly saying that all they can do now is pray for his safety. This alarms Pika, who cries out into the dense foliage for his Trainer, to no response.

Elsewhere, the Victreebel that captured Red moves deeper into the Safari Zone, and it is revealed that Red had not been swallowed, instead using all his effort to keep his limbs outstretched to keep him just barely suspended above the pool of acid in Victreebel's mouth. As if to showcase the imminent danger he faces, a leaf flutters down into the acid, dissolving instantly on contact. Leaving Red no time to be alarmed, Victreebel wraps its vines around him, keeping him lifted in the air as they both travel to their unknown destination.

They finally arrive among a pack of Bellsprout, Weepinbell, and Victreebel, as Red is flipped upside down and positioned next to several other helpless victims. The Bellsprout and Weepinbell Pokémon cheer at their arrival, as Pidgebot 1 perches next to him, explaining that this is an evolution ritual, which happened to be the only thing that saved him from being eaten as soon as he was captured. Red becomes even more frantic, trying to wriggle free of the vines, Pidgebot reminding him that brute force won't work anymore. Asking him about what other items he's carrying, we see what he has on hand. An Itemfinder, three Safari Balls, a can of Soda Pop, a Repel, a Poké Doll, and the Poké Flute. Getting an idea, Pidgebot starts setting up its plan.

Red asks about the plan of action, but Pidgebot silences him as the ritual starts. Victreebel retrieves what appears to be a mole and pierces it, draining out its nutrients in preparation while Pidgebot explains that the younger Pokémon evolve in their sleep while the adults feed them fertilizer. As other Pokémon in line in front of him get drained in sequence, Red knows it must be his turn soon.

Pidgebot blows into the Poké Flute, waking up all the young sleeping Pokémon, interrupting the ritual. On cue, Red throws his Poké Doll, causing a distraction among the Victreebel, allowing him to escape as the vines recede. As Pidgebot warns Red that the Poké Flute might have caused other Pokémon to wake up, a loud booming noise echoes through the Safari Zone, quickly revealing itself to be the two Nidoking that Red had an encounter with before.

Red rushes back the way he came, much to the surprise of Pidgebot. He explains that luring the Nidoking into attacking the Victreebel might trick them into thinking its coming after their prey, letting them fight amongst themselves. His plan works, and Red is able to catch Victreebel in a Safari Ball with Nidoking's help. He beams, excited he finally has a Pokémon to try and challenge Nidoking with, despite its low health. Nidoking charges, and Red's newly acquired Pokémon is sent into battle, able to wrap up Nidoking in thick vines and slowing down its movements, giving Red more time to attack. Pidgebot looks up what moves it can use, and suggests Poison Powder. It works to great effect, allowing Red to capture Nidoking as well. More Nidoking show up behind him, alongside all the Grass types that were woken up from their ritual sleep.

Back with the search party, the warden discovers Red's hat on the ground the next morning. He confirms its owner with Pika's help, both of them looking worried. He announces to the rest of the team that they need to treat carefully, since not exercising the proper degree of stealth in Victreebel's territory could have dire consequences. Before they can react, the same swarm of Pokémon that attacked Red has shown itself here. As they begin to panic, Red notices them, as he's riding on Nidoking's back. They all look on him in shock, confounded that he had been able to catch so many Pokémon, and Red jokes that they should've seen the Pokémon that got away.

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  • The English title of this chapter is based on the phrase "a hollow victory".
  • Several real animals were seen in this chapter.
  • Pidgebot 1 was able to play the Poké Flute. This shouldn't be possible, because it is a robot and has no breath to produce sound.


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PS021 : Long Live the Nidoking!
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