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File 3: Giovanni
レポート3 サカキ
Report 3: Sakaki
First broadcast
Japan October 2, 2013
United States November 20, 2013
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation XEBEC
Screenplay 広田光穀 Mitsutaka Hirota
Storyboard 高橋秀弥 Hideya Takahashi
Assistant director 高橋秀弥 Hideya Takahashi
Animation directors しんぼたくろう Takurō Shinbo
谷口元浩 Motohiro Taniguchi
Additional credits

File 3: Giovanni (Japanese: レポート3 サカキ Report 3: Sakaki) is the third episode of Pokémon Origins. It was first broadcast in Japan on October 2, 2013 and was released on Pokémon TV on November 20, 2013. The English version was made available on Hulu on January 30, 2014, and on the iTunes Store on May 28, 2014.

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Red arrives in Saffron City to find Team Rocket’s fingerprints on everything. When he rescues a Silph Co. secretary, he learns that Team Rocket has taken over the company! This stems from their desire to get their hands on the Master Ball, the ultimate Poké Ball that has been in development for years. However, one more surprise lies in wait for Red at Viridian City, and this may be the biggest one yet!


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After solving the mystery of the ghost of Pokémon Tower, Red goes on battling other Gym Leaders, as well as catching Pokémon, including a grumpy Snorlax he woke with his Poké Flute. He also encounters Team Rocket and meets their boss, Giovanni, and defeats them again. Charmeleon evolves into Charizard. Once he arrives in Saffron City, he and Blue help a woman, the secretary of the Silph Company's president, escape from a Rocket Grunt. She reveals that Team Rocket took over the Silph Company for the Master Ball, a Poké Ball capable of catching any wild Pokémon regardless of its health. Holding the president hostage, they threaten the scientists into working on the Master Ball day and night and using wild Pokémon as test subjects.

Red goes near the front entrance with Blue and the secretary to find Rocket Grunts guarding it. Blue tries to opt out, but an enraged Red pins him to the wall. Blue tells him to take it easy and Red says that Blue cannot call himself a Pokémon Trainer if he does not care about what happens to Pokémon. Blue tells him he will only take the secretary to the police and leave while Red goes alone to the building. Red frees the captive Pokémon and the scientists, one of whom gives him a Lapras. Red barges into the president's office, where he finds Giovanni and a Rocket Grunt forcing the president to sign a paper. Giovanni taunts him and prepares to leave. Red stops him and the two have a Pokémon battle, with Giovanni having the upper hand, and cause a blackout in the building. Before leaving, Giovanni tells a knocked-down Red that Pokémon are tools for business.

Afterwards, Red goes to fight three Gym Leaders and gets a Pokémon from the Karate Master. Red reads about Mew and Mewtwo in the now-deserted Pokémon Mansion. After defeating Blaine, Red goes back to the mainland where he hears about the power of the eighth Gym Leader. After Blue taunts him for not having gotten the eighth Badge, Red goes to the Gym and is astonished that the eighth Gym Leader is actually Giovanni, who was using the Viridian Gym as a cover for Team Rocket. Red challenges him, though Giovanni declares he will fight Red not as a Gym Leader, but as the boss of Team Rocket. Despite his calm demeanor, Giovanni finds himself internally agitated when facing the boy, just like back at Silph Co., but cannot seem to figure out why.

The battle with Giovanni's Rhyhorn starts out rough for Red, with the successive forces of Victreebel, Kabutops, Snorlax all unable to hit Rhyhorn before being taken down in one hit each. Giovanni finds himself disappointed in Red's disadvantageous choice of Pokémon in Jolteon, which surprises him - after all, Red should just be like any other rookie Trainer, and there should be no reason for Giovanni to care about him. Red attempts to catch Giovanni off-guard by having Jolteon use Double Kick, but Rhyhorn's Thunderbolt fries Jolteon in its tracks, the level difference proving too much for the Lightning Pokémon to handle.

Despite having only two Pokémon remaining, Red refuses to give up, and the ensuing fight between his Hitmonlee and Rhyhorn causes Giovanni to become excited - a sensation he had felt a long time ago. Eventually, Hitmonlee's Mega Kick trades with Rhyhorn's Horn Drill, leading to a double knockout. Knowing Red plans to use Charizard as his last Pokémon, Giovanni preemptively warns him that the Flame Pokémon will be facing Rhydon (whose additional Rock typing serves as a severe drawback to Charizard), deriding him for saving a disadvantageous Pokémon for last and telling him that he is far from ready for the battle ahead. However, Red retorts that he wanted it to be Charizard; otherwise, all his battles are meaningless. Giovanni finds this foolish, but prepares to do battle. Reflecting on his encounters with Pokémon-loving Trainers, Red shouts that he will not lose to someone like Giovanni before throwing Charizard's Poké Ball. After witnessing Red's stance, Giovanni finally remembers the past source of his exhilaration - that he was once a cheerful and passionate Pokémon Trainer just like Red (even throwing his own Charmander's Poké Ball the same exact way), and wonders how he could have come to see Pokémon as anything other than tools for business. Fully reinvigorated as a Pokémon Trainer, Giovanni matches Red's throwing stance and sends out Rhydon.

Both Pokémon trade Mega Punches, dealing serious damage to each other. Red calls for Charizard to use Mega Kick, but Rhydon dodges and responds by repeatedly punching Charizard in the gut with Fury Attack, sending it careening into the gym wall. Seeing Charizard's low HP, Giovanni declares the fight over and calls for Rhydon's Horn Drill, but at the last second, Charizard responds to Red's command and sidesteps Rhydon's attack, grabbing it from behind and looping in the air to finish the Drill Pokémon with a devastating Seismic Toss.

Giovanni can't believe Rhydon's HP was reduced to zero and approaches Red, surprised that he had trained Charizard to a high enough level for Seismic Toss to bring Rhydon down. He presents the Earth Badge to Red, but Red declines, unwilling to accept a badge from the boss of Team Rocket. Realizing the decision he must make, Giovanni decides to disband Team Rocket right then and there, before presenting the badge to Red a second time, but this time as the Gym Leader of Viridian City, to which Red smiles and accepts. As Red leaves, Giovanni encourages him to move forward despite the difficult battles ahead and, as for himself, decides to start a new life with Pokémon by his side.

Major events

Red holding the Earth Badge






  • When Red is seen surfing on his Lapras, the lower jaw of the Transport Pokémon is incorrectly colored with the same blue as its skin.

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