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Yuta Otani is an illustrator at PLANETA who has contributed artwork to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They are credited as PLANETA Otani on cards they have illustrated. A list of cards illustrated by them can be found here.

Game credits

Title Platform Release date Position
Wild Arms 4 PlayStation 2 March 24th, 2005 Field Texture Artist
Wild Arms 5 PlayStation 2 December 14th, 2006 Monster Designer, Character Texture Artist, Event Animator
Let's Tap Wii December 18th, 2008 Designer
Kid Icarus: Uprising Nintendo 3DS March 23rd, 2012 Character Modeling
Sonic Lost World Wii U, Nintendo 3DS October 24, 2013 Field Artist
Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U April 29, 2015 3D Modeling
I Am Setsuna PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita February 18, 2016 2D Designer
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Switch December 1, 2017 Graphics Support
Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers Nintendo 3DS April 26, 2018 Concept Art
Fate/EXTELLA LINK PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita,
Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
June 7, 2018 Key Visual Production
Pokémon Café ReMix Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android June 24, 2020 Designer

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