Opportunist (Ability)

If you were looking for the skill in Pokémon Shuffle, see Skill (Shuffle) → Opportunist.
Opportunist びんじょう
Flavor text
Generation IX
If an opponent's stat is boosted, the Pokémon seizes the opportunity to boost the same stat for itself.

Opportunist (Japanese: びんじょう Opportunist) is an Ability introduced in Generation IX. It is the signature Ability of Espathra.


In battle

When an opposing Pokémon raises its stats, the Pokémon with this Ability will also raise the same stats by the same number of stages as the opposing Pokémon.

This Ability does not activate when an ally Pokémon raises its stats, or when an opposing Pokémon raises its stats through Opportunist. Opportunist will trigger if an ally Pokémon uses Swagger or Flatter against an opposing Pokémon, after the confusion is applied. If multiple triggers happen at once (for example, Torch Song used by a Pokémon holding Throat Spray), Opportunist will sum them up.

Outside of battle

Opportunist has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Opportunist

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0956   Espathra
Psychic Psychic Opportunist Frisk Speed Boost
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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 跟風 Gānfūng
Mandarin 跟風 / 跟风 Gēnfēng
  French Opportuniste
  German Profiteur
  Italian Scrocco
  Korean 편승 Pyeonseung
  Spanish Oportunista

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