Mix Battle

Mix Battle (Japanese: ミックスバトル Mix Battle) is a battle mode in Generation IV found at the Pokémon Communication Club Colosseum. Each player can only bring in three Pokémon. Before the battle, each player will choose one of the opponent's Pokémon, place it in their own party, and then battle the opponent.

Mix Battle mode can be found in all Generation IV games, including Pokémon Battle Revolution.


Pokémon Center Receptionist

"Mix Battle is for two Trainers with three Pokémon each."
"Each Trainer chooses one of the opponent's Pokémon, mixes them with their own party, and then battles the other Trainer."

In other languages

Language Title
French   Canada Combat mélange*
  Europe Combat Mixte
  German Mischkampf
  Italian Lotta Mista
  Korean 믹스배틀 Mix Battle
  Portuguese Batalha Misturada*
  Spanish Combate combi

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