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McCauley (Japanese: リュウタ Ryūta) is a character of the day who appeared in A Chip Off The Old Brock.

McCauley works with Katie and Mariah at a pharmacy where they make potion from electricity. He was having a hard time getting the potions right. He would stay up late at night with his Ampharos just trying to perfect it. He had always striven to be as good as Katie, ever since he and Mariah were little. Katie explained that McCauley needed to have more confidence in himself.

Later, Mariah got taken away along with the whole pharmacy by Team Rocket, who wanted all the medicine for themselves to sell. McCauley jumped into the flying pharmacy in order to save her and the medicine. Brock, who had been invited by Katie to the shop earlier along with Ash, May and Max, attempted to help out be using Marshtomp's Mud Shot to shoot down the balloon. However, Team Rocket managed to reflect it back. The Mud Shot ended up hurting Ash's Pikachu and Katie's Mareep. They then quickly needed a potion to make them better. Both McCauley and Mariah decided to use their Ampharos and Flaaffy, respectively, to make a new batch of medicine. Afterwards, they used their Pokémon to destroy the engines on Team Rocket's balloon, causing it to crash.

After Team Rocket was defeated, Katie felt confident enough to leave the pharmacy to McCauley and Mariah.


McCauley's Ampharos
Ampharos is used to deliver electricity to make the special potions. It was practicing day and night with McCauley, until it got the technique correct. During the arrival of Team Rocket, Ampharos was in the carried shack that Team Rocket tried to steal for the boss and tried to make a potion for Katie's Mareep and Ash's Pikachu when they got hit by Marshtomp's Mud Shot. After doing so, Ampharos, along with the other Electric-type Pokémon, sent Team Rocket blasting off.

Ampharos's only known move is Thunder.

Debut A Chip Off The Old Brock
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 内埜則之 Noriyuki Uchino
English Billy Regan
Finnish Petri Hanttu
Brazilian Portuguese Nestor Chiesse
European Spanish Juan Navarro Torelló


  • McCauley's Japanese name, Ryūta, may be intended to be a play on Ampharos's Japanese name, Denryu.

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