Mariah (AG148)

Mariah (Japanese: モモコ Momoko) is a character of the day who appeared in A Chip Off The Old Brock!.


Mariah works at a Kanto pharmacy alongside her grandmother Katie and her childhood friend McCauley, who make healing potions using electricity. She came across Ash as he was battling Brock after her Flaaffy was accidentally hit by Marshtomp's Mud Shot. Brock offered to give it some medicine, but Mariah politely refused and carried her Flaaffy back to her grandmother's pharmacy to get healed.

At the pharmacy, Brock wasted no time flirting with Mariah. It was also soon discovered that Marshtomp had an infatuation for Mariah's Flaaffy. Brock automatically took this as a sign that he and Mariah were destined to be together. However, Mariah seemed to have more of an interest in McCauley than Brock.

Later, Mariah got taken away along with the whole pharmacy by Team Rocket, who wanted all the medicine for themselves to sell. McCauley jumped into the flying pharmacy, in order to save Mariah and the medicine. Brock attempted to help out by using Marshtomp's Mud Shot to shoot down the balloon, but Team Rocket reflected it back, and the Mud Shot ended up hurting Ash's Pikachu and Katie's Mareep. They quickly needed to make potion to make the Electric duo better. Both Mariah and McCauley decided to use their Flaaffy and Ampharos, respectively, to make a new batch of medicine. Afterwards, they used their Pokémon to destroy the engines on Team Rocket's balloon, causing it to crash.

After Team Rocket was defeated, Katie felt confident enough to leave the pharmacy to McCauley and Mariah.


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After Marshtomp launched a Mud Shot attack, it accidentally ended up hitting Mariah's Flaaffy. Its Trainer went up to it and Ash and his friends apologized for the mishap. Marshtomp immediately fell in love with Flaaffy while Brock had the same feelings towards Mariah. She took them to her pharmacy and told them that Flaaffy makes potions with its electricity along with the other Pokémon that work there.

When Team Rocket arrived to steal all the potions, it was used along with McCauley's Ampharos to make a better potion to heal both Katie's Mareep and Ash's Pikachu after they were hit by Marshtomp's deflected Mud Shot. Flaaffy, along with the other Electric Pokémon, then sent Team Rocket flying.

Flaaffy's only known move is Thunder.

Debut A Chip Off The Old Brock

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小清水亜美 Ami Koshimizu
English Ellen Shanman
Finnish Henna Haverinen
European French Julie Basecqz
Italian Elisabetta Spinelli
Brazilian Portuguese Luciana Baroli
European Spanish Diana Torres


  • Her Japanese name, Momoko, was intended to be a play on Flaaffy's Japanese name, Mokoko. A similar incident would happen with Forsythia and Budew's Japanese names.

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