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A linked move (Japanese: れんけつわざ) is a technique in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series that allows more than one move to be used in one turn.

Moves can be linked at Gulpin Link Shop in Pokémon Square for 150 Poké and Electivire Link Shop in Treasure Town for 500 Poké. Linked moves can also be created by using the Link Box within a dungeon.

Whenever moves are linked, the moves are executed in order from top to bottom within the link. Moves are executed on the same turn, so the opponent cannot react between moves.

It is possible to link two, three, or all four moves in a Pokémon's lineup together in this way. However, prior to Rescue Team DX, if even one move in a link runs out of PP, the entire link is broken and the moves are no longer linked. Moves can also be delinked manually at any time. Moves which require more than one turn (e.g. with a recharge turn) to execute cannot be linked.

If a Pokémon yielding experience is defeated by a linked move, experience earned will be boosted by 50%.

If a linked move knocks out a Pokémon under the effect of Grudge, all linked moves will lose PP.

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