Head It

Head It (Japanese: ねらってヘッド Aim and Head It) is a game players may play with their Pokémon in Pokémon-Amie. The game requires the player to tap their Pokémon to headbutt balls of yarn as they fall.

An Easy Head It game


In Head It, balls of yarn will fall from the sky, and the player must tap their Pokémon at the correct times to head the balls of yarn. The player earns points depending on how well they time these heads. Heading multiple balls in a row without missing will also build up a combo that will contribute to the final score. At the end of the game (except on Unlimited difficulty), an extra large ball of yarn will drop that will give a large bonus to the final score if it is headed. The Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties last 60 seconds, while Unlimited will continue until the player misses three balls of yarn.

As the balls of yarn fall, Pokémon will be able to hit them early, late, or in a sweet spot. Hitting a ball early or late will earn fewer points than hitting it in the sweet spot. A hit in the sweet spot can be distinguished by two small stars that shoot away from either side of the Pokémon's head accompanied by a metallic sound, as opposed to puffs of air accompanied by a more buoyant sound when the ball is hit imperfectly. The large ball of yarn that drops at the end of an Easy, Normal, or Hard game cannot be hit early. In the Easy and Normal difficulties, a star shape sits on top of every Pokémon's head explicitly marking the sweet spot.

The balls of yarn come in three main colors: pink, yellow, and blue. Easy, Normal, and Hard games start by dropping pink balls of yarn for 20 seconds over a single Pokémon, then drop yellow balls for 20 seconds over two Pokémon, and finally blue balls over all three Pokémon for the last 20 seconds. Unlimited games loop through the same order, but the timing for each loop is variable.

As long as the player maintains a combo, the time between successive balls will steadily shorten until it reaches a plateau. When the color of the yarn changes, however, the rate resets. These plateaus come at longer times for lower difficulties than for higher difficulties. In the Unlimited difficulty, however, the plateaus shift with each loop (and not always in the same direction).

The blue balls of yarn in a given loop fall faster than the pink or yellow balls in the same loop. The relative speeds of the pink and yellow balls of yarn are variable, depending on the difficulty or loop (in Unlimited difficulty). Occasionally a slow or fast ball of yarn will fall, though fast balls do not fall in the Easy difficulty. The fast balls are always purple but otherwise look the same as the other balls, whereas the slow balls are the same color as the other balls of yarn that are currently falling but have a deformed shape.

To unlock a higher difficulty, the player must first beat the previous difficulty with a rating of at least three stars.


The main score is kept track of in a box in the top-left corner of the bottom screen. This score primarily depends on how well the player times their heads of the balls of yarn. The maximum possible value for this score is 999 points. This value can only be reached in the Unlimited difficulty, however.

Hitting a ball in the sweet spot is normally worth 3 points, while hitting it imperfectly is worth 1 point. Building up a long enough combo will activate a "Fever" multiplier, though, that makes each hit worth twice as many points. The progress towards this multiplier is marked by a rainbow that appears in the sky in the top screen. In the Easy difficulty, this rainbow first appears with the first hit of a combo, while in higher difficulties it only appears after the third hit; after that, the rainbow will periodically grow larger until, with the last required hit, the word FEVER will appear on the rainbow. The combo length required to achieve "Fever" is 5 hits for the Easy difficulty and 15 for higher difficulties. The Fever multiplier does not apply to the combo hit that activates it, however. Missing a ball will reset the rainbow and multiplier along with the combo.

The other factor in the main score is a bonus awarded after every tenth combo hit. (This bonus is not affected by the Fever multiplier.) Every tenth combo hit that is not divisible by 50 grants an extra 10 bonus points. Every 50th combo hit, however, grants 50 points - except for multiples of 100, which grant 100 points.

At the end of a game, two bonuses may be added to the main score to get the final score (which may be greater than 999 points). One is for the longest combo achieved: the number of bonus points is equal to the size of the combo. The other is for hitting the big ball of yarn at the end of a game in the difficulties below Unlimited: heading this ball perfectly will award 50 bonus points, while heading it late will award 10 bonus points.

Requirements and rewards

The table below gives the minimum score required to achieve a given rating for each difficulty, and the Poké Puffs that will be rewarded for achieving that rating.

Difficulty 0 stars 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 4.5 stars 5 stars
Easy Points 0 points 20 points 30 points 40 points 100 points 200 points 300 points
Normal Points 0 points 20 points 35 points 50 points 110 points 220 points 330 points
Hard Points 0 points 30 points 50 points 70 points 130 points 240 points 350 points
Unlimited Points 0 points 50 points 100 points 200 points 400 points 600 points 800 points


A title of sorts is also associated with different ratings. These titles are purely aesthetic and only appear when a rating is given after completing a game.

0 - 4.5 stars 5 stars
Easy Header Amateur Header Hyper Master
Normal Header Semipro Eccentric Header Master
Hard Header Pro Unbelievable Header Master
Unlimited Header Elite Ultimate Header Master

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

In Sylveon Enchants, Y and her friends traveled to a special area where people could play minigames. There, Y played Head It in an attempt to befriend her newly-caught Eevee, Veevee. Her efforts paid off as Veevee evolved into Sylveon during Y's battle with two Team Flare Grunts.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 瞄准脑袋 Miáozhǔn Nǎodài
  French Jongle-Tête
  German Kopfball
  Italian Colpo di Testa
  Korean 헤드로 노려라 Hedeu-ro Noryeora
  Spanish Usa la cabeza

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