Tile Puzzle

Tile Puzzle (Japanese: ぱったんパズル Tap Puzzle) is a puzzle game players may play with their Pokémon in Pokémon-Amie. The game requires the player to solve a puzzle of a moving picture.

Tile Puzzle before the game begins


In Tile Puzzle, a moving picture featuring three of the player's Pokémon is partitioned into a number of squares, and when the game begins every square is randomly swapped, each one moving exactly one time. The player's goal is to tap pieces to swap their positions and put the picture back in order. The player is rated depending on how well they do and will receive several Poké Puffs depending on their rating.

To unlock a higher difficulty, the player must first beat the previous difficulty with a rating of at least three stars.

Difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard

In the first three difficulty levels, the player's goal is simply to complete a single puzzle, with the puzzle having more pieces at higher levels. The player has no time limit in which to complete the puzzle and is rated based on how quickly they finish it.

Difficulty Dimensions
Easy 4h × 5w
Normal 5h × 6w
Hard 6h × 8w

Difficulty: Unlimited

In the Unlimited difficulty, the player is challenged to complete as many puzzles as possible - rotating in a pattern of Easy puzzle, Normal puzzle, Hard puzzle - before a timer runs out. The player's actions build up a score, but the determining factor for the final rating is how many puzzles were completed.

Timer and scoring

On the Unlimited difficulty level, the player starts with a timer set to count down 30 seconds. For every second tile the player moves into its correct position, an extra second is added onto the timer. This means that in the course of completing an Easy, Normal, or Hard puzzle, the player will regain a total of 10, 15, or 24 seconds. A bonus is also awarded when a puzzle is completed, adding an extra 30 - N seconds to the timer, where N is the number of the puzzle that was just beaten. In other words, beating the first puzzle will award a bonus of 29 seconds, beating the second will award 28 seconds, and so on. When the award reaches 5 seconds, it will continue giving 5 seconds for every completion.

For the score, a point is awarded for every tile the player places in its correct position. This means that the Easy, Normal, and Hard puzzles have (respectively) 20, 30, and 48 total available points in their tiles. The player also receives a bonus for completing a puzzle. For completing an Easy, Normal, or Hard puzzle, 80 * M, 100 * M, or 200 * M points (respectively) will be added to the score, where M is the number of times that puzzle has been completed so far. So the first Easy puzzle (puzzle #1) will award 80 bonus points when it is completed, the second Easy puzzle (puzzle #4), will award 160 bonus points, the third (#7) will award 240 points, and so on. The point score is effectively little more than a progress meter or tiebreaker, though, since the final rating only ever changes upon completion of a whole puzzle.

The maximum possible score is 49,999 points, which is attained once the 47th consecutive puzzle is completed. However, the game can still be played past this point until time runs out, and the total number of cleared puzzles will still be recorded.

Requirements and rewards

The table below gives the requirements to achieve a given rating for each difficulty, and the Poké Puffs that will be rewarded for achieving that rating.

Difficulty 0 stars 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 4.5 stars 5 stars
Easy Time >1m 51s - 1m 41s - 50s 31s - 40s 21s - 30s 16s - 20s ≤15s
Normal Time >2m 1m31s - 2m 1m01s - 1m30s 51s - 1m 41s - 50s 31s - 40s ≤30s
Hard Time >3m 2m01s - 3m 1m41s - 2m 1m21s - 1m40s 1m11s - 1m20s 51s - 1m10s ≤50s
Unlimited Puzzles 0-1 puzzles 2 puzzles 3-5 puzzles 6-8 puzzles 9-12 puzzles 13-16 puzzles ≥17 puzzles


A title of sorts is also associated with different ratings. These titles are purely aesthetic and only appear when a rating is given after completing a game.

0 - 4.5 stars 5 stars
Easy Puzzle Amateur Puzzle Wizard
Normal Puzzle Semipro Puzzle Champion
Hard Puzzle Pro Puzzle Hotshot
Unlimited Puzzle Elite Puzzle Legend

In the manga

Tile Puzzle in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

In Sylveon Enchants, Y and her friends traveled to a special area where people could play minigames. There, Y played Tile Puzzle in an attempt to befriend her newly-caught Eevee, Veevee. Her efforts paid off as Veevee evolved into Sylveon during Y's battle with two Team Flare Grunts.


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 平面拼图 Píngmiàn Pīntú
  French Puzzle-Blocs
  German Puzzle-Platten
  Italian Puzzle Tap Tap
  Korean 착착퍼즐 Chakchak Puzzle
  Spanish Dibupuzle

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