Goh's Panpour

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Goh's Panpour
ゴウのヒヤップ Go's Hiyappu
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Goh Panpour.png
Goh's Panpour
Debuts in Thrash of the Titans!
Caught at Opelucid City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Cerise Park
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Panpour Unknown Marc Thompson

Goh's Panpour (Japanese: ゴウのヒヤップ Go's Hiyappu) is the fifth Pokémon that Goh caught in the Unova region and his eighty-third overall.

In the anime


Panpour and Goh

In Thrash of the Titans!, Goh encountered and caught Panpour while visiting Opelucid City.

In Grabbing the Brass Ring!, Goh uses Panpour in a group with Cinderace, Raichu, Grookey, and Pansear to help motivate the brass of a Falinks when it got split up. Initially, they had difficulty finding a sync, but after a few tries and Panpour steered along with Pansear, the group finally manages to unite.

In An Adventure of Mega Proportions!, Goh used Panpour whilst on Mega Island to keep Ash's Lucario cool in the vicinity of lava. Using Rain Dance, Goh took the opportunity to run away with Lucario and try to find Ash. During the escape and with the help of Cinderace, Goh managed to capture a Camerupt. After reaching a safe location, Goh called back Panpour to its Poké Ball.

In Big Brother to the Rescue!, Yamper had Panpour use its Water Gun attack on Goh's Heracross to snap him out of its smitten trance over Goh's Lilligant, although this only worked for a brief time before Heracross was smitten by Alcremie's scent.

In This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Panpour attended a surprise party hosted by the Lab members commemorating Goh and Ash's departure. After that, it posed for a group photo with Goh, Ash, and the others.

Personality and characteristics

As first seen in Take My Thief! Please!, Panpour is often seen alongside Pansear in the Cerise Laboratory. This link between the two is seen again in Grabbing the Brass Ring!, when Panpour relies on Pansear to get his bearings on his quest to help the Falinks brass and during mealtime where the two join the queue together.

Moves used

Using Water Gun
Move First Used In
Rain Dance An Adventure of Mega Proportions!
Water Gun Big Brother to the Rescue!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Artwork from "After the story" [1] Artwork from "After the story" [2]

In the audio drama

In celebration of the airing of JN100, the Pokémon anime's Twitter page has launched a series of audio dramas. In the second "Nighttime at the Sakuragi Park" , Pansear and Panpour are mentioned by Ash while sleeping together with Raichu.[3]


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