Goh's Raichu

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Goh's Raichu
ゴウのライチュウ Go's Raichu
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Goh Raichu.png
Goh's Raichu
Debuts in Gotta Catch a What?!
Caught at Kanto
Evolves in Gotta Catch a What?!
Gender Female[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location Cerise Park
HOME025 f.png HOME026 f.png
This Pokémon spent less than 1 episode as Pikachu.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pikachu Unknown Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
As Raichu Kei Shindō Casey Mongillo

Goh's Raichu (Japanese: ゴウライチュウ Go's Raichu) is the thirtieth Pokémon that Goh obtained in the Kanto region, and his fifty-ninth overall.

In the anime


Raichu and Goh

Raichu, as a Pikachu, first appeared in Gotta Catch a What?! living alongside a hoard of other Pikachu and Raichu. She discovered Goh, Ash, and Ash's Pikachu while Goh searched for a Pikachu to capture and quickly became friends with Ash's. While bonding, Goh threw a Poké Ball at her and successfully captured her. She proceeded to shock him with Thunderbolt after being called back out.

Soon after, Pikachu discovered a Thunder Stone. She teased Ash's Pikachu by chasing him around with it before giving the stone to Goh. Right after, Team Rocket showed up and began stealing the Pikachu and Raichu, including Ash's. Goh's Pikachu volunteered to save them, and in the process touched the Thunder Stone and evolved into Raichu. With her new strength, she freed her friends and joined them in blasting Team Rocket off.

In Healing the Healer!, Goh managed to catch an injured Suicune that a group of Pokémon hunters were trying to capture. After escaping, Raichu helped collect some Berries to help the Legendary Pokémon recover.

In Take My Thief! Please!, during a confrontation between Goh's Greedent and Morpeko, Raichu handed the two a large amount of Berries to calm them down. Goh took advantage of this to try to catch Morpeko, but failed. Later, Raichu was seen helping handing food to Goh's other Pokémon, including bringing some to his secluded Drizzile.

In Grabbing the Brass Ring!, Raichu joined Goh's Pokémon to help motivate the brass leader of Falinks when it became separated from its troops. Raichu offered everyone Berries and had them work together to act as a temporary replacement for the troops. During the attempts, Raichu used her tail to guide Goh's Cinderace into the group, who was having difficulties. Soon after, they found the missing Falinks.

In Lighting the Way Home!, Goh used Raichu, alongside Ash's Pikachu and Sophocles's Togedemaru, to power up Molayne's Ampharos so that its light could reach a space probe approaching the planet.

In This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Raichu was seen helping out at a surprise party thrown by the Laboratory members for Goh and Ash to commemorate their departure.

Personality and characteristics

As a Pikachu, with Ash's Pikachu
Raichu feeding Goh's other Pokémon

In the daily life of Cerise Park, Raichu is the Pokémon responsible for feeding the other Pokémon that live there. Raichu is a very docile and friendly Pokémon; whenever she finds some Berries or items she offers them to other people and Pokémon, most notably for Pikachu. Even when they refuse, she is insistent on offering something to them. In Suffering the Flings and Arrows!, Raichu was the first Pokémon to interact with the newly caught Goh's Lilligant, offering her a Berry, proving to be quite receptive to new Pokémon arriving at the Laboratory. Raichu has a special affection for Ash's Pikachu, either interacting with him while eating, or giving items specifically to him.

When Team Rocket captured the other wild Pikachu, she volunteered to evolve herself so that she could save them. Later, Raichu's knowledge of Berries proved useful when Goh’s newly captured Suicune had been badly injured after an encounter with a gang of Pokémon Hunters.

Raichu is seen as a peacemaker, promptly resolving the conflict between Greedent and Morpeko. This is seen again later when she replenishes their food the next day, though Morpeko had already left the Cerise Laboratory. Raichu again uses this skill to help motivate a Falinks by guiding her teammates.


As a Pikachu

Moves used

Using Nuzzle
Move First Used In
Thunderbolt Gotta Catch a What?!
Nuzzle Lighting the Way Home!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Artwork for "Find the difference" Artwork from "After the story" [2] Artwork from "After the story" [3]

In the audio drama

In celebration of the airing of JN100, the Pokémon anime's Twitter page launched a series of audio dramas. In the second one, Nighttime at the Sakuragi Park, Raichu is mentioned by Ash while sleeping together with Pansear and Panpour.[4]


The Thunder Stone Pikachu used to evolve
  • Her capture marks the first time a main character other than Ash has obtained a Pikachu.
  • She is the first main character's Pokémon to evolve via an Evolution stone since Brock's Lombre in Once in a Mawile, 741 episodes earlier.
  • Raichu is Goh's first Pokémon to evolve by a method other than by gaining experience.
  • Raichu is Goh's first Electric-type Pokémon.
  • Raichu is the first Pokémon belonging to one of Ash's friends to evolve in the same episode it was caught while being under its Trainer's ownership.


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