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GR5 (Japanese: GR5号 GR Number 5) is an Enigmatic Mask of Team Great Rocket from Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!. Unlike other members of Team GR, GR5 never battles the player at any point during the game, instead merely serving as a road-block, preventing access to GR Island. He appears at the Pokémon Dome, taunting the player as the Grand Masters are held hostage on GR Island. Meanwhile, at the Airport, GR5 stops the player from advancing if they have not obtained all four GR Coin pieces. Later, when the player has the whole GR Coin, he operates the blimp that goes between the two Trading Card Game Islands. He will then remain at the Airport, no longer appearing at the Pokémon Dome.



Overworld sprite from
Pokémon Trading Card Game 2

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