Freezy Frost (move)

Freezy Frost
こちこちフロスト Frozen-Stiff Frost
Freezy Frost VII.png
Type  Ice
Category  Special
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  90
Accuracy  100%
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  • Does not make contact
  • Affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by Mirror Move
  • Affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation VII
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Appeal  0  
Jam  0  
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Freezy Frost (Japanese: こちこちフロスト Frozen-Stiff Frost) is a damage-dealing Ice-type move introduced in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. It is one of the signature moves of the partner Eevee.


Generation VII

Freezy Frost deals damage and resets the stat stages of all active Pokémon on the field to 0.

Generation VIII onwards

Freezy Frost cannot be selected in a battle. However, it has been modified: its power was changed to 100, its accuracy to 90%, and its PP to 10.


Games Description
PE The user attacks with a crystal made of cold frozen haze. It eliminates every stat change among all the Pokémon engaged in battle.
This move can't be used. It's recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can't be remembered.


By Move Tutor

In Let's Go, Eevee!, the Move Tutor of Freezy Frost is located in Fuchsia City's Pokémon Center.

# Pokémon Types Egg Groups Game
0133     No Eggs Discovered No Eggs Discovered
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰冰霜凍 Bīngbīng Sēungdung
Mandarin 冰冰霜凍 / 冰冰霜冻 Bīngbīng Shuāngdòng
  French Évo-Congélo
  German Klirrfrost
  Italian Scricchiagelo
  Korean 꽁꽁프로스트 Kkongkkongpeuroseuteu
  Spanish Glaceoprisma

Variations of the move Sappy Seed
  Sappy Seed
  Freezy Frost

Variations of the move Bouncy Bubble
  Sizzly SlideSappy Seed
  Bouncy BubbleBuzzy BuzzGlitzy GlowBaddy BadFreezy FrostSparkly Swirl

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