Dr. Zeno

Dr. Zeno
ドクターゼノ Dr. Zeno
Dr Zeno.png
Dr. Zeno
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Member of Team Plasma (formerly)
Rank Scientist

Dr. Zeno (Japanese: ドクターゼノ Dr. Zeno) is a character from Pocket Monsters B2 W2 ~ A New Legend ~. He is a scientist and former Team Plasma member who wishes to revive Genesect.


Ever since Team Plasma threw Dr. Zeno out, he was willing to prove to them that he could revive Genesect as they did not approve in him doing the project in the first place. Since then, he became mad in power, even going as far to injure all of the Pokémon in the area without care who got hurt including himself. However, since Genesect saved him from being trapped inside his own laboratory and recognized him as his creator, Dr. Zeno had a change of heart and allowed Arata to take Genesect with him to bring out its full potential.


Dr. Zeno was in Fossil Valley where he worked on his project to revive Genesect after getting kicked out by Team Plasma. He spied on Arata when he arrived there to find out what was going on with the Pokémon in the area. Later, he revealed himself when Arata was tied up by two Team Plasma Grunts. Dr. Zeno wished for Genesect to unleash its full potential, regardless of the consequences. During Genesect's battle with Arata's Dewott and Lucario, Dr. Zeno explained the story about how he met Genesect since he knew a lot about it and after the story, he flees to his laboratory after having enough with Arata.

In his lab, Dr. Zeno modifies Genesect using the Drives necessary to power it up. Arata managed to find him and gets challenged by Genesect once again. The Drives gave Genesect the upper hand and during the battle, one of the stray attacks caused some debris to fall down, trapping Dr. Zeno, Arata and the Pokémon. As the Pokémon freed themselves from being trapped, Dr. Zeno ended up having a change of heart and decides to have Arata to travel with Genesect.


On hand

Klang (×2)
Dr. Zeno sent out two Klang in order to incapacitate Arata and his Oshawott after he told his story about being in Team Plasma.

None of Klang's moves are known.

Debut ANL3


Genesect was revived from a fossil. He worked on the project for a while and completed it sometime before Arata's arrival at Fossil Valley. When Genesect saved Dr. Zeno from being trapped in the lab, Dr. Zeno decided to have Arata travel with it as he had a change of heart.

None of Genesect's moves are known.

Debut ANL3


  • Dr. Zeno's clothing is based on that of Colress.

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