Chigusa (Japanese: チグサ Chigusa) is a character of the day who appeared in Two Hits and a Miss. She is a Fighting-type Trainer and the granddaughter of a Dojo master, Kenzo.


Chigusa and her grandfather had gotten into strife, namely because of her dance-like battle style which Kenzo felt completely disregarded her family's rich history in the martial arts. As such, Kenzo often criticized his granddaughter and refused to pass on his title of Shihan to her.

Kenzo called on Ash, who he had recently just met, to challenge Chigusa in the hopes of revealing her flaws. Though this challenge was put on hold after "Dojo Destroyer" Shiro appeared at the dojo's gates. Kenzo intially accepted Shiro's challenge for the dojo's plaque, but was forced to concede after his back began to tense up. Chigusa took on Shiro and his Hitmonlee, though none of her attacks were hitting their mark. No victory was declared because Team Rocket flew onto the scene and tried to steal the Fighting Pokémon. With their Pokémon left exhausted Chigusa and Shiro agreed to continue their match the following day.

Overnight, Chigusa was confronted by her grandfather and agreed to train with Ash and his Bulbasaur. The practice match ended in Chigusa's defeat, and she came to realize that she was not working with her Hitmontop. Chigusa put her overconfidence aside and worked with Ash to improve her teamwork. She put her lessons into practice against Shiro the next day, where she defeated him with her refreshed strategy and also protected the dojo's namesake. Kenzo was glad to have seen the changes in his granddaughter and later agreed to train her to become the dojo's next Shihan.


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Chigusa's Hitmontop was first seen trying to teach her students about making their Fighting-type Pokémon's attacks more graceful. Later, he was used to battle Shiro's Hitmonlee, when Kenzo could not battle due to back problems. During the battle, he didn't do so well the first time, as he was overwhelmed by Hitmonlee's attacks. The match was interrupted by Team Rocket appeared, and the challenge was later postponed to the following day.

Kenzo noted that Hitmontop's spinning technique was not allowing it to focus on its opponent, hence why it was unable to land any hits or evade any attacks. Ash's Bulbasaur then trained Hitmontop for his upcoming rematch. During its second battle against Shiro's Hitmonlee, Hitmontop successfully defeated his opponent with his improved skills and an improvised upright Rapid Spin.

Hitmontop's known moves are Rapid Spin, Rolling Kick, and Triple Kick.

Debut Two Hits and a Miss
Voice actors
English Michael Haigney

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 平松晶子 Akiko Hiramatsu
English Lisa Ortiz
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
Hebrew דון לני-גבאי Dawn Lanny-Gabay
Italian Laura Brambilla
Polish Joanna Domańska
Spanish Latin America Patricia Acevedo
Spain Sandra Jara


  • Chigusa is a reference to the character Fūko Kirisawa from the manga and anime series, Flame of Recca. She shares the same haircut, voice actress and personality traits.

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