Kenzo (EP166)

Kenzo (Japanese: ゲンゾウ Genzō) is a character of the day who appeared in Two Hits and a Miss.


Kenzo is the current Shihan of his own dojo located between Goldenrod and Ecruteak City. However, because he was getting older, he decided to pass on his duties to someone else. A likely candidate was his granddaughter Chigusa, but he was concerned with her battling strategy, which focused on making her Pokémon's moves look pretty.

After Ash and his Bulbasaur battled a rampaging Tauros, saving Kenzo from injury in the process, Kenzo saw some potential in the young Trainer in becoming an heir to his dojo. He escorted Ash and his friends to his dojo institution, and provoked Chigusa into challenging Ash to a battle. However, Shiro arrived on the scene and challenged Kenzo for the title of the dojo instead.

Kenzo called on Machoke, but he forfeited the challenge because he and Machoke suffered from bad backs. He reluctantly allowed Chigusa to take on Shiro, in the hopes that she would protect the dojo's namesake. The match was interrupted by Team Rocket's arrival, but the two opponents agreed to battle each other the following day. Overnight, Kenzo scolded his granddaughter for her flawed battling strategy and pushed Ash into helping Chigusa realize her mistakes. As predicted, Chigusa did not deviate from her typical battling style and ultimately lost to Ash and Bulbasaur. Chigusa finally realized her flawed focus on style rather than teamwork and went on to practice with Ash for the rest of the night.

The following day, Kenzo was pleased to see that Chigusa had indeed learned her lessons as she defeated Shiro in battle. As Ash and his friends prepared to depart, Kenzo admitted that he now believed Chigusa had the skills to become the dojo's next Shihan, with some further training.


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Kenzo called out his Machoke to battle Shiro's Hitmonlee. Just like its Trainer, Machoke appears to be quite old, and its back problems forced it to forfeit its match against Shiro, allowing Chigusa to take on the challenge.

None of Machoke's moves are known.

Debut Two Hits and a Miss
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart


  • Kenzo's name was likely lost in translation, as ゲ Ge is derivative of ケ Ke with a diacritical mark.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 西村知道 Tomomichi Nishimura
English Jimmy Zoppi
Finnish Robert Walli
European French Bernard Faure
Hebrew עדי וייס Adi Weiss
Italian Tony Fuochi
Polish Krzysztof Zakrzewski
European Spanish Antonio Fernández Sánchez

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