Catch Pikachu! DELUXE Look & Listen Set

Catch Pikachu! DELUXE Pokémon Look & Listen Set
Pikachu Deluxe Look and Listen.jpg
ISBN: 160438171X
Published: October 30, 2012
Publisher: The Pokémon Company International
Author: Pikachu Press
Preceded By: Catch Oshawott! A Pokémon Look & Listen Set
Succeeded By: Catch Snivy! A Pokémon Look & Listen Set

Catch Pikachu! DELUXE Pokémon Look & Listen Set is a book released by the Pikachu Press on October 30, 2012. It is 48 pages long.


Every Pokémon Look & Listen Set takes you on an amazing journey with some of your favorite Pokémon! In this special DELUXE edition, Catch Pikachu!, discover Pikachu’s key moves, the incredible history of Ash’s Pikachu and its amazing battles, and watch six of its most exciting adventures on two unique DVDs with specially selected TV episodes! This Catch Pikachu! DELUXE Look & Listen Set also includes special headphones shaped like Pikachu!


The book's content features information involving Pikachu, Ash, and episodes of the anime from every region as of Generation V, as well as various quiz activities focused on the anime. It also features screenshots and information on the six episodes featured on the DVD, in addition to highlights from episodes not featured on either of the DVDs, such as Island of the Giant Pokémon and The Pi-Kahuna.


Disc 1

Code Screenshot English title Original US broadcast
EP014   Electric Shock Showdown September 25, 1998
EP039   Pikachu's Goodbye November 20, 1998
EP179   The Apple Corp! December 1, 2001

Disc 2

Code Screenshot English title Original US broadcast
AG089   A Scare to Remember! September 3, 2005
DP074   Pika and Goliath! August 30, 2008
BW020   Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! June 18, 2011

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