Card types

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In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, there are three basic types of cards players can use to build their decks. Any combination of these is allowed; however, to be playable and legal, several other notes must be followed.

Pokémon cards

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Pokémon cards are cards that depict one of the 1025 creatures themselves, and make appearances in multiple distinct evolutionary levels. Every Pokémon card has some combination of attacks, Pokémon Powers, and Abilities.

Trainer cards

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Trainer cards are used to provide various effects in a battle, such as searching the deck or affecting the game state. Trainer cards generally have a one-time effect, and are then discarded. Trainer cards are generally divided into several sub-classes, namely Item cards, Pokémon Tool cards, Supporter cards, and Stadium cards.

Energy cards

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Energy cards provide the power that Pokémon need to use their attacks. There are two classes of Energy cards: Basic Energy cards and Special Energy cards. Basic Energy cards come in nine types, which provide both their type and Colorless. Special Energy cards have additional effects or provide multiple types of Energy.

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