Bulbapedia:Nominations for administratorship


For the time being, Bulbapedia's nominations for administratorship are closed until further notice. Meanwhile, you may read the requirements for administrator nominees below:

  • Users cannot nominate themselves.
  • Nominees must have registered for Bulbapedia on or before December 21, 2023.
  • Nominees must be a fairly active contributor to Bulbapedia, being active at least in the last six weeks (last contribution must be on or after May 10, 2024)
    • As well, nominees ought to have more than 500 mainspace contributions.
  • Nominees should demonstrate good understanding of Bulbapedia policies, style, and conventions.
  • Nominees are advised to have Template:User Admin Candidate on their pages, so as to increase traffic to their election page.
  • Before a user is nominated, he or she must be asked if they will accept the nomination. If not, that user will not be nominated.

Users (including administrators) are free to indicate their support or opposition to a nomination. We ask that users who are voting on a candidate begin their post with either Agree or Disagree, followed by their reasoning. The bolded vote helps keep track of votes and discussion.

A month after a user has been nominated, the Leadership Board will make the final decision. If the user has at least 10 votes, 2/3 of which are in his or her favor, and of those against, not more than half of them are the votes of a user that is already an administrator, they will gain the position of administrator.

However, be aware that sockpuppeting or getting friends to vote in the last minute will not be tolerated–and we will find out.


Accepted nominations

Rejected nominations