Bulbapedia:Disambiguation poll

Recently, there has been debate about the Pokémon disambiguation pages at Bulbapedia. Currently, all Pokémon species are named as Pokémon name (Pokémon). The purpose of this poll is to determine whether to change the format for Pokémon species from that to just the name. The species being at species (Pokémon) and the disambiguation being at species to the article about the species as a whole being at species and the disambiguation being at species (disambiguation). To vote, post your signature (~~~~) under the heading that you vote for.

By voting support, you acknowledge that you would like all pages named Pokémon name (Pokémon) to be moved to Pokémon name and the disambiguation page moved to Pokémon name (disambiguation) (ie, Pikachu (Pokémon) moved to Pikachu and Pikachu moved to Pikachu (disambiguation)). By voting oppose, you acknowledge that you would like to leave everything as it is.

The closing date of this poll will be Sunday, October 21.


  • A Link to the Past 19:37, 19 September 2007 (UTC), at least until someone actually explains why this move was made in the first place (and I want a GOOD explanation - you know, like why the fact that the majority of species of Pokémon being more important than any one single Pokémon in its species). And I'm still wondering why a group of people are using an argument that they said was not valid back when the other side stated it (too much clicking).
  • Raijinili 21:58, 14 October 2007 (UTC). I would actually support getting rid of the disambs altogether, at least for Pokémon pages, and have something like this.