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Netto-kun (Japanese: 熱斗君 Netto-kun) has been a user of Bulbapedia since April 2006.

About Myself

My real name is Thiago Dantas. I'm a fan of both the games and the anime. I started playing before everything come out in Brazil, because my great aunt gave me a french Game Boy Color and a french Pokémon Yellow. Today, I'm 14 years old, and probably I started liking Pokémon at the age of at about 5 years old. When I was at about 6, I was waiting for a doctor to see me at her office and there was pokémon in the TV, that was the first time I watched it. The first episode I saw was Ash Catches a Pokémon!.

In Bulbapedia

I joined Bulbapedia on April 2006. Since then, I tried to add info about Pokémon on Brazil, but soon I left. I returned to Bulbapedia on August 28, 2007. Soon, I got a friend from Brazil, who is also a Bulbapedia user, Haruka uzumaki. We started to send emails to each other to later chat on MSN Messenger. Later, I started to do missions and joined the User Entertainment project, which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.

After a long period of absence, I have come back to edit Bulbapedia.

In the Games

When I start a game, I use the name Thiago or シュウスケ Shūsuke when playing Japanese. I played pokémon in every Generation, but I generally choose the one with the colors I like better (for example, I played Pokémon Sapphire, not Pokémon Ruby).

My Team

In SoulSilver

On the TCG

I have played the TCG since 2005. My first deck was a simple Gardevoir + Swampert deck. Today, I have one Empoleon and Dodrio bench attack deck, which is way outdated.

In the Brazilian Fandom

I used to be a member of the staff of the Brazilian site PokéPlus. There, I used to a member of their scansub, PSBR (stands for Pokémon Special BRasil). Unfortunately, its fansub division ceased its activities.


I've been fansubbing Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl since 2006; I am the translator. I was first into Kawarimi, it closed in half-2007. Then, they called me into PokéDishin, and closed half-2008. Our staff members gathered and went to PokéPlus' scanlator PSBR start a new project. Unfortunately, it now only has scanlation projects.

Favorite Pokémon

My favorite pokémon is Marshtomp. But, I also like those Pokémon:


Like I said, I started watching the anime when I was really young, so I like it even today.

Favorite Characters

  • Hikari: She is the cutest female main character. It's so cute when she says "Daijōbu". Also, she is the only female character not to become angry easily. She has lots of carisma.
  • Haruka: The cutest female character after Dawn. She was my best favorite, but Dawn came and took her place. Like Dawn, she has a lot of carisma.
  • Masato: He was my favorite character along with May. Not much to talk about him.
  • Shuu: I like him because he is the a good rival character.
  • Nozomi: I like how she is a friend, not a rival.


  • Ash's Chimchar: I like it because Ash is good with it, different about it and Paul.
  • Brock's Croagunk: It's funny watching Croagunk using Poison Jab on Brock.
  • Dawn's Pokémon: All they are funny to watch out of their Pokéballs.


Those are the Shippings that really I believe:

And those are the one I hate:


  • He is 160 cm tall.
  • In real life, some people used to call him Pikachu.
  • Also in real life, there are people who used to call him Dexter (from Dexter's Laboratory).