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"Ladies, Gentlemen, it's the one and only, FabuVinny!"
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FabuVinny is a member of Bulbapedia's editorial board.

A quick bio for anyone who is interested: I was first introduced to Pokémon in October 1999 when it finally arrived in Europe, (only a month before the Japanese release of GS). I got really into the fad but lost interest as the popularity died down. Then in early 2003, after getting a GBA the previous Christmas, I got Pokémon Gold and was back into the franchise. This was when I first discovered the online fandom, starting off at Pokémon Crater and finding my way to Bulbagarden in May 2005. Since then, this has been my site of choice where I am a Global Moderator, Bulbanews' Europe Editor as well as joing the Editorial Board here.

My areas of focus

  1. Recent Changes Patrol
  2. The side games, including relevant data on the species articles
  3. Filing in the species sprite tables
  4. Anime episode article updates; including French titles when known

My nuggets of advice to contributors

  • Familiarise yourself with the Manual of style. We can always fix small problems but, at the very least, try to use good English.
  • Get to know the link templates too. Start by knowing that {{p|Mewtwo}} is a {{t|Psychic}} Pokémon that can use {{m|Psychic}} and refer to the list when you are unsure of the rest.
  • It also helps to read the guidelines provided by the individual projects. (There should be a link at the bootom of any article covered by a project.) One thing that does come up now and again: Despite the name, the "special abilities" section is not for the game mechanic called ability.
Sometimes I feel like Biff here. Hey! You'd better not be just looking at the picture and skipping the rest of the text in this section!
  • Everytime you make an edit that fails to note the clear sentence explaining that the version-exclusive Pokémon article is for the Pokémon missing from each version shows you haven't read a clear part of the article, you prove Al Khan right. Do you really want to give the head of 4Kids credibility? I know there's a lot to digest in the above links but it really, really helps to scim the article to ensure your edit makes sense.
  • Ultimately, the best way to get a feel for things is through experience. Just looking at the articles should hopefully. If you need to, feel free to copy coding from related pages and then edit it to suit the current article's needs. If you use the preview button, anything can be fixed before becoming an official edit.
  • A poll should never be the first thought when resolving a dispute. If a result can be reached by a simple discussion using actual reasoning then it will be far more solid.
  • With that said, never use the argument "if we have x, why not y?" When it comes to judgements of notability, each article is judged on its own merits. The line is not as clear as you think and not being aware of it is a slippery slope that leads to articles for undeserving subjects. The difficult question is where that line lies. My own judgement is based on whether you can write a few decent paragraphs about it but other editors will have different opinions.
  • Above all, remember this: You are contributing for an encylcopedia for Pokémon. Let's aim to make it the best damn Pokémon resource it can be but let's also not get so serious about it that we get edit wars over little things like trivia. Be friendly and enjoy your time here ♪.

Meet some of my 'mons

The strongest

How do you people get Pokémon up to level 100? While I may have any Pokémon at the level cap, I do have some that tower over the toughest of in-game trainers.

Lv. 87

My Ho-Oh from Colosseum is a trophy of my fully conquering that game. On the other hand, I never have obtained the other half of the pair from XD.

Lv. 81
Lv. 79
X Accuracy

Amphy and Fegator took me through most of my first Pokémon game on their own. I was a n00b back then and creating a diverse team was a foreign concept to me - even the Dragonite I trained up late in the game ended up with all three water HMs in its moveset despite Fegator keeping one. Fegator did get Earthquake at that stage but any points gained from there are lost by its hold item. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was a waste of a hold item spot.

Oh, and there is this one...

Lv. 96
X-Ray Specs

This is Silver, the leader of Team Chronicle. Sadly, he only exists in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team.

My Diamond Team

Four years later, there's a somewhat decent team. Twiggy, Simba, Psyder, Habunake, Batzu and Happy saw me through my first journey in Sinnoh. One of the highlights was using the Happiny egg as an opportunity to learn what Blissey is about. (In the right hands, it's powerful to use but easy to take down.) Not many survive that Hyper Beam after the Physical/Special split and Blissey even managed to freeze Cynthia's strongest Pokémon, which was the clincher in my victory at the Pokémon League. Kricketune ended up being the first Pokémon I designed for capture, though its X-Scissor serves well in battle.

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