Ginkgo Guild

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Ginkgo Guild
イチョウ商会 Ginkgo Merchant Guild
Legends Arceus Ginter.png
Artwork of Ginter from Legends: Arceus
Leader Ginter
Region Hisui
Admins Unknown
Base locations Jubilife Village

The Ginkgo Guild (Japanese: イチョウ商会 Ichō Shōkai, literally Ginkgo Merchant Guild) are a guild of merchants based in the Hisui region. They sell their wares whilst traveling the region.

In the core series

Besides Volo, the Ginkgo Guild have no major appearances within the story. Players can buy a rare items from Ginter, or speak with Tuli and buy various items found across Hisui, outside the Galaxy Hall.


  • There is a tree with orange to yellow leaves in the Ancient Retreat. Ginkgo trees are noted for their stark saffron colored leaves in autumn.


Language Name Origin
Japanese イチョウ商会 Ichō Shōkai From 銀杏 ichō (ginkgo) and 商会 shōkai (merchant guild)
English Ginkgo Guild From ginkgo and guild
German Ginkgo-Gilde From Ginkgo and Gilde (guild)
Spanish Compañía Ginkgo From ginkgo and compañía (company)
French Compagnie Ginkgo From ginkgo and compagnie (company)
Italian Ditta Ginkgo From ginkgo and ditta (company)
Korean 은행상회 Eunhaeng Sanghoe From 은행 (銀杏) eunhaeng (ginkgo) and 상회 (商會) sanghoe (merchant guild)
Chinese (Mandarin) 銀杏商會 / 银杏商会 Yínxìng Shānghuì From 銀杏 / 银杏 yínxìng / ngàhnhahng (ginkgo) and 商會 / 商会 shānghuì / sēungwúi (merchant guild)
Chinese (Cantonese) 銀杏商會 Ngàhnhahng Sēungwúi
Russian гильдии Гинкго Gil'dii Ginkgo From its English name