Ash's Dracovish

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Ash's Dracovish
サトシのウオノラゴン Satoshi's Uonoragon
Poké Ball
Ash Dracovish.png
Ash's Dracovish
Debuts in JN050
Caught at Wild Area
Evolves in JN050
Gender Genderless
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
This Pokémon spent less than 1 episode as fossils.
Voice actor Japanese English
As fossils N/A
As Dracovish Unknown N/A

Ash's Dracovish (Japanese: サトシのウオノラゴン Satoshi's Uonoragon) was the fifth Pokémon that Ash caught in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, the second one he caught in the Galar region, and his fifty-seventh overall.


Dracovish and Ash

Dracovish first appeared when Cara Liss and Gasattsu restored it and an Arctozolt from Fossils they had discovered in the Wild Area. Ash attempted to greet it, but it responded by attempting to bite him and then proceeded to chase him and Pikachu. As it chased Ash, he commanded Pikachu to use Electroweb to stop it, but Dracovish tore through it and accidentally attacked Arctozolt, which got angered and created a field of ice using Icy Wind, that both Ash and Dracovish slipped on, resulting in Ash winding up on top of the Fossil Pokémon as it ran away. It ran a long way to a pond, where Ash realized it had just wanted a swim. After they had returned to their starting point, Cara Liss and Gasattsu let Ash and Goh keep the Fossil Pokémon, since they had already gotten the data they wanted about them. As such, Ash caught Dracovish, while Goh caught Arctozolt.

Personality and characteristics

Dracovish has a habit of nibbling on people's heads, especially Ash. Dracovish even likes playing in places where there is a lot of water to swim in and enjoys spending time with other Water Pokémon, as shown by it hanging out with Goh's Water Pokémon at the Cerise Laboratory.


Main article: Fossil
The Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish that Dracovish was restored from


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