Wishmaker (item)

The wishmaker is an item purchased by May during the Millennium Festival in Jirachi: Wish Maker.

May's wishmaker


The wishmaker is an object similar to a dreamcatcher. It has seven points on the circle that pointed outward. The points have stars on them, with one star on the first point, and so on until seven stars on the seventh point. If the user of the wishmaker makes a wish, and folds down all the points, then the wish will come true once all the points are folded down. However, the points must be folded in order, one point for each day of the Millennium Comet, and the same wish must be made every day.


  • May is also the only known character to own such an object.
  • A similar use of commercialism was used on the Lunar Wing in The Rise of Darkrai, where Dawn purchased one, making her the second main character to believe in an item's power.

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