Vullaby (Rumble Blast)

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バルチャイ Valchai

Debuts in Pokémon Rumble Blast
Gender Female[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location Firebreathing Mountain
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Vullaby (バルチャイ Valchai) is a character in Pokémon Rumble Blast.


Vullaby first appears at the side of Pawniard in Toy Town. When the player has won the Battle Royale in Trailhead Field, Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby disappear from Toy Town disappear from Toy Town and most of the Glowdrops from the fountain disappear as well. Lillipup and Scraggy suspect Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby of having taken the Glowdrops. Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby are encountered at the start of Seabreeze Trail. The Panpour of Seabreeze Trail's Battle Royale says that Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby were just there after the player beats the same Battle Royale. Panpour refers to them as dunces. They are encountered at the start of Echo Valley as well. Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby go through Echo Valley's gate when it opens for other challengers. Vullaby is one of the rivals in the Challenger's Ground Battle Royale Semi-Finals. After the player becomes the Battle Royale Champion, Pawniard reveals that he, Deino, and Vullaby did not steal the Glowdrops. Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby are next seen in in Shimmering Lake's Battle Royale stadium. They appear again in Firebreathing Mountain's Battle Royale stadium.


"Glowdrops are really amazing!"
"Whew. I'm all worn out."
"Maybe we'll see each other again!"
"How high is your Power now?"
"I can't remember how many times we've tried to win here!"
"Are we going to do it again?" (After winning)


  1. Vullaby is a female exclusive Pokémon species.

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