Pawniard (Rumble Blast)

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コマタナ Komatana

Debuts in Pokémon Rumble Blast
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location Firebreathing Mountain
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Pawniard (コマタナ Komatana) is a character in Pokémon Rumble Blast.


Pawniard first appears in Toy Town with Deino and Vullaby at his sides. When the player has won the Battle Royale in Trailhead Field, Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby disappear from Toy Town and most of the Glowdrops from the fountain disappear as well. Lillipup and Scraggy suspect Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby of having taken the Glowdrops. Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby are encountered at the start of Seabreeze Trail. The Panpour of Seabreeze Trail's Battle Royale says that Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby were just there after the player beats the same Battle Royale. Panpour refers to them as dunces. They are encountered at the start of Echo Valley as well. The player asks Pawniard about the Glowdrops, but Pawniard refuses to tell. Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby go through Echo Valley's gate when it opens for other challengers. Pawniard is one of the rivals in the Challenger's Ground Battle Royale Semi-Finals. After the player becomes the Battle Royale Champion, Pawniard reveals that he, Deino, and Vullaby did not steal the Glowdrops. Pawniard, Deino, and Vullaby are next seen in in Shimmering Lake's Battle Royale stadium. They appear again in Firebreathing Mountain's Battle Royale stadium.


"The next Champion's gonna be me!"
"Hey! Why are YOU here? Oh, I guess you somehow won at the Battle Royale... Hmph. Well, don't go getting all smug about it! The Battle Royale here in Seabreeze Trail is no breeze! You don't have a chance, scrap heap! Heh heh heh! Smell ya later!"
"You again! We're busy planning for our next Battle Royale! I can't believe it! Only certain Pokémon types are allowed. Argh! What should we do? Huh? Do we know anything about Toy Town's Glowdrops? Look, buddy, I don't have time to stand here yakking with you! Quit following us around!"
"You again? Sheesh. Are you still going on about those Glowdrops? Give it a rest! Toy Pokémon talk by battling! You got something to say to me? Bring it on— in the championship!"
  • In the Battle Royale:
    • Before the semifinals:
"Aww yeah! Time to find out who's the best! This is the championship, so you'll have to take on two Battle Royale arenas in a row! It's you or me now! Only one of us can make it to the final Battle Royale... But don't worry. It's gonna be ME! See ya inside, chump!"
  • Directly after the semifinals:
"Argh! OK, fine, you win. Whatever. Hey, you had something to ask me yeah? Well, let's hear it. If you win the championship, I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Oh, and since you beat me, you'd better take down the finals, buddy..."
  • Before the finals:
"I'll be mad at you if you lose! You beat me, so you've gotta be the best!"
  • In Toy Town:
"What, you think we took the Glowdrops?! Come on! We wouldn't do a sneaky thing like that!"
"Hey, that's right! We ran into Krookodile on the way out of town."
"He said something like... "Nobody's here! That makes stealing the drops easier! Wrap this up, and then we're off to Easterly Town!""
  • On the Road to Easterly Town:
"You're headed to Easterly Town now, right? Yeah, so, um... Aww, just take care of yourself, OK?"
"Good to see ya, buddy! If you win this Battle Royale, I hear you get a really cool Prize!"
"Argh! Looks like a stalemate. We gotta be toughter to go on."
"Aww, man... We're still not strong enough!" (After winning)

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