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Glowdrops (Japanese: ひかりのしずく Light Droplets) are items that appear in Pokémon Rumble Blast. They are used for healing purposes and are also items that Cobalion wishes to steal.


Glowdrops can be found in every town in the game. The Glowdrops can be found in the fountain in the middle of the town. When the Glowdrops are used, all the Pokémon the player has collected will have their HP fully restored. Glowdrops can also remove the special Rusty trait from a Toy Pokémon.

Impact on story

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In Toy Town, at the beginning of the game, a Lillipup accuses a Pawniard of stealing the town's Glowdrops when they go missing. Pawniard is later found to be innocent, the Glowdrops being stolen by Cobalion. Upon the arrival to Easterly town, a bunch of Krookodile steal them from the fountain. The player makes it to the Great Glowdrop fountain, found in the Shimmering Lake. Cobalion appears here to battle the player, which Cobalion wins. He then knocks the player to Westerly Town.

Then, when the player reaches Volcanic Slope, a cut-scene plays, showing the Rusty Pokémon burning the Glowdrops. Then, at Fallaway Edge, again, the Rusty Pokémon burn the Glowdrops. The player then battles Cobalion a second time. He then reveals that he was using the Glowdrops to open the way to the World Axle. Cobalion aims to use the Glowdrops to fight Dark Rust in order to prevent the toy world from rusting away. The defeat of Dark Rust reactivates the World Axle, pumping Glowdrops to all the fountains.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Rosée Lumineuse
  German Lichttau
  Italian Rugiada di Luce
  Korean 빛의 물방울 Bichui Mulbangul
  Spanish Gota de Luz

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