Zephy Changes

I love politics. Alot. Obviously that's a nom de plume. One I use so frequently it has become a nickname. I am obsessed with music. I write it, play it and listen to it. Nearly all genres. My favorite types are Psychic and Steel. My dream team consists of Forretress, Gardevoir, Scizor, Skarmory, Espeon and Alakazam. I play Platinum the most out of my four Pokémon games. I'm much more of a coordinator though, battles really aren't my thing. Contests come much easier to me than breeding and battling and what not. I joined Bulbapedia so I could help out a bit. It's very, very helpful and I probably would still have 5 badges without it. Often times though I feel as though I have nothing to contribute.

The Very Basics
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The Less Important Things (This One Is Long)
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How I Contribute
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