Hi, I'm a random guy living in South Korea and thank you for visiting my profile.

I'm currently studying medicine at college and I'm also a big Pokemon fan (the games, the anime, and especially AdvanceShipping!). I love playing Pokemon (of course), listening to Pokemon music (the game & anime BGM), watching the Pokemon anime, collecting settei (設定) and CDs for the Pokemon anime, reading AdvanceShipping fan fiction, looking back at super old threads on Pokemon forums (which is quite interesting to say the least), watching Pokemon speed runs on twitch, and so on. Other nintendo franchises that I like include Mario Kart and Kirby. My other hobbies include going on a bike ride, reading random stuff on Wikipedia, taking care of my pets, working out at the local gym, and watching some sports.

I've been a fan of the franchise since 2008, when I got my Diamond version. After spending over 300 hours on it and also playing through Soul Silver, I kinda lost interest in the franchise. When Diamond & Pearl first came out, the DS lite was a big hit in Korea; literally every single one of my friends had the console. But as the smartphone became widespread, many friends and I fell out of the franchise and ended up missing the 5th generation (although I kept track from time to time).

But then, in early 2015, I saw a commercial for ORAS playing on the TV and this somehow reignited my love for Pokemon. After purchasing AS and enjoying every single bit of it (except the removal of battle frontier), I decided to dig deeper and became the huge fan I am now.

As for the anime, I had watched some DP episodes in the late 00's but didn't have a lot of interest in it. But, as I was reading some random articles on Bulbapedia, I got to read a page on 'Misty's Song' (the Poke-Shippyness is quite remarkable) and became interested in the idea of shipping. Then, I luckily got to watch a redub of the 9th movie in the theaters and this made me the AdvanceShipper I am today. I'm okay with all the other ships; it is just that AdvanceShipping happens to be my favorite.

I mainly do minor edits and upload some anime images on this site. I also try to contribute to the Korean-related articles on this site from time to time since that is my specialty and there aren't lots of Korean Bulbapedians in this world. Also, I'm not really familiar with the technical, editing portions of Bulbapedia so if I make a mistake, sorry for the inconvenience and please don't hesitate to notify me.

If you are interested in me, check out the usertags and if you happen to have any Korean-related questions, feel free to ask me. Thanks!


  • Current work #1 : Trying to edit all Korean move names to have correct pronunciations and translations in a fixed and organized format
  • Current work #2 : Editing mistranslations for various Korean related articles, especially Korean song lyrics


If someone thinks my translation or pronunciation is a bit off, please contact me; we'll talk about it together. For pronunciations, I'll mostly be following the official 로마자 표기법 (guidance for writing Korean pronunciations in alphabets) set by the Korean government. But I might steer out of the rules if going that way seems more precise and easier to understand.