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Joined 1 August 2007

Trainer Info

Pokemon Trainer. Born in Johto Jan. 5, 1994. Believes strongly in the speed statistic. Toshitrainercard-1.jpg

Main Team

The team I plan to routinely use. Some of them I change out with other pokemon. Like Maxwell with my Weavile or Lucario.



My Scizor. An intense battler who seldom surrenders and uses guerilla tactics on command.



My Gallade. Straightforward, he can speak telepathically and loves combat.



My Magmortar, and a fearless fighter. His greatest rival is my brother's Electivire.



Hermione is my powerhouse, a level 100 Sceptile who came into existence on my Sapphire Version. I constantly test her against my brother's Blaziken.



Named after myself(in Japanese), Toshi is a Lucario with abilities in combat almost rivaling that of Hermione

More of my team later.


I've always been a fan, but my first game was Silver Version in the year it was released. Next came the Game Boy Advance SP and Sapphire Version. Later I got Emerald Version, along with LeafGreen Version. Now I play Pokémon Pearl Version, and have completed the Sinnoh Pokedex. Also, just recently, I purchased Pokémon Ranger and transferred the Manaphy Egg to my brother's Diamond.


  • I play on Poké
  • My favorite water pokémon is Milotic.
  • Sirius was originally a male Gardevoir on my Sapphire Version. He was replaced by his "sister" Susan at the release of Pearl Version, and I then got another Ralts ,and made it a Gallade.
  • My favorite grass pokēmon is Shaymin, which I chose to glitch to my game for lack of ability to attend any Nintendo evensts.
  • For lack of ability to attend any Nintendo event, I have glitched a few secret pokēmon. To be completely honest on this, I have created a list:
  • Lugia
  • Deoxys
  • Shaymin
  • Darkrai
  • Arceus

Sorry for shaming myself to some of you.