I'm tired of seeing a redlink at the top of my tab, so now I'm actually allowed to edit my userspace, I'm filling it.

So, I'm Tia-Lewise. I'm a 19 year old British female and resident Gnome on pretty much every encyclopedia site I'm a member of, so if you see me here, I'll be tidying up spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as adding in Trivia where I see fit and re-organising articles to follow the MoS.

In terms of where I get my experience in coding from, I'm a major contributor to the Final Fantasy Wiki and an occasional popup on Dragon Ball Wiki under the same name as I use here. I've already discovered though that here some coding is done differently; I found this out while trying to keep my custom signature consistent across all sites. That was an interesting experience and a half.

I hope to see you round! Happy editing!