Hello, I am Super goku. Mostly this is just a few things that I would like to do.

Personal To-do

Since I am a forgetful person, I finally decided to make a To-do list

  • Talk to a member of staff to see if a redirect like Archive policy should be a Bulbapedia: policy redirect
  • Finish the Underleveled Pokémon page
  • List of Pokémon-Amie/Refresh Pokémon that cannot eat Poké Puffs nor Poké Beans like Shedinja
  • Make a Toolbox template for quick use to maintenance categories, special pages, and the like
  • Work on the BG PASBL articles
  • Finish the Number Disambiguations edits (000, 001, 002, ...)
  • Ask a staff member about Disambiguation articles like Safari Zone
  • Ask a staff member about using User:TTEchidna/Redo
  • Make a page for the definition of a "Learnset" and its history or find a way to add it to the appropriate appendix.
  • Create an Appendix page for the TCG Metagame to start cutting down on the Wanted pages.
  • Work on the GB2 needed articles.
  • Work on a fishing table.