User:Satsjoe/Lillie's Pokémon History

This page shows the history of Lillie's Pokémon team.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Image Description Episode
  Lillie receives an Egg from Samson Oak. Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
  Lillie's Egg hatches into an Alolan Vulpix. Racing to a Big Event!
Lillie catches the Alolan Vulpix and nicknames it Snowy. Getting to Know You!
  Lillie catches a Blacephalon and releases it back into Ultra Space. Twirling with a Bang!
  Lillie receives an Icium Z from an Alolan Sandslash. Not Caving Under Pressure!
  Lillie competes in the Manalo Conference and places Top 16. The Battlefield of Truth and Love!