User:Satsjoe/Casey's Pokémon History

This page shows the history of Casey's Pokémon team.


Image Description
  Casey obtains an Arrokuda and nicknames him Kilo.
  Casey obtains a Toxel and nicknames him Tera.
Tera evolves into Low Key Form Toxtricity.
  Casey catches an Eiscue and nicknames him Peta.
  Casey obtains a Falinks and nicknames it Giga.
  Casey obtains a Galarian Stunfisk and nicknames him Mega.
  Casey's Pokémon are stolen from her by Sordward and Shielbert.
  Casey obtains a Scorbunny and nicknames him Bit.

Sword & Shield arc

Image Description Chapter
  Casey wins the Grass Badge. Blinding!! The End of the Battle
  Bit evolves into Raboot. Splish Splash!! Gigantamax Battle
  Casey wins the Water Badge.
  Casey reunites with Kilo and adds him back to her team. Gulp Gulp!! Pokémon
  Casey wins the Fire Badge.
  Casey is revealed to have won the Ghost Badge. Shocking!! Reunion in the Forest
  Casey reunites with Tera and adds him back to her team.
  Casey becomes able to Gigantamax Tera into Gigantamax Toxtricity. Chomp!! It's Dracovish
  Casey reunites with Peta and adds him back to her team. Cracking!! Brilliant Tap-Dancing
  Casey reunites with Giga and Mega, and adds them back to her team. Splash!! The Return of the Two Pokémon
  Bit evolves into Cinderace. PASS34
  Casey Gigantamaxes Bit into Gigantamax Cinderace for the first time. PASS42