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James Triggs, known here as Sacrifice, aims primarily to create and expand articles relating to the video games and real life personnel. He enjoys writing in the third-person when referring to himself, but he speaks exclusively in the first-person. A budding author, historian, poet and composer, James Triggs has appeared in the Australian Bar Review, the youngest person to do so and has won a nationwide legal essay contest. He has also been a state finalist in the 2008 Australian National History Challenge and is only writing this so people have some idea who this person is. He lives is Melbourne.

Pokémon Achievements and Battle Style

He has completed Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2 using only rental Pokémon. His first Pokémon was a Wingull captured at a demo station in another state- Queensland. His second Pokémon, a Torchic was captured on another continent- Singapore.

He likes to send out Pokémon at a type disadvantage to surprise opponents who are unaware that the heavily boosted stats give it a superior edge. He enjoys naming his Pokémon, some of which have confused other Pokémon trainers who have seen it often enough that they confuse it with the name of the species.

James Triggs has never used a consumable item in a Pokémon game. James Triggs finds people who only use legendary Pokémon dishonourable. He is a Metronome addict. James Triggs doesn't like watching other Trainers play a Pokémon game, as he can be a backseat Trainer.

He is one of the few, if not the only, person to have encountered and defeated a trained- as opposed to wild- Kyogre and Groudon. Moreover, this occurred in a Mt. Battle challenge in a game where they generally do not appear. In this case, Trainer 94 had Kyogre and Trainer 95 had Groudon.

James Triggs wants to know how this is possible- and why Rayquaza did not deign to appear.

His battle style relies on knowledge of Pokémon abilities to develop new strategies. He does not favour any type of Pokémon and uses strategy extensively. He prefers using status effects early on. James Triggs favours the use of vitamins on Pokémon, to he point that some of his top-leveled Pokémon have stats equivalent to Legendary Pokémon.

Oddly enough, the Body Slam move of one of his Pokémon has a higher than normal chance of causing paralysis.


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