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Joined 23 July 2008

"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites." ~Karen, Pokémon Gold and Silver

Hey, I'm RikotheFoxKid! There's some information about me to the right and below!

Pokemon Showdown

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ID No. 44868
Seen: 105
Caught: 019
Seen: 105
Caught: 019


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The Wash
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UU Party
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Mr. Nido
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  • I am of Filipino, Scottish and Irish decent.
  • I have at one point owned each main series game except for Pearl and HeartGold.
  • You can also find me on deviantART, the Pojo Forums, the Smash World Forum, SmashWiki and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. For each I go by RikotheFoxKid or RikoTheFoxKid.
    • I also contribute to Wikipedia, Sonic News Network, Kingdom Hearts Wiki, Avatar Wikia, and Spongebob Wiki (although seldom with the latter two), but I have yet to make a Userpage on any of them (for Wikipedia, I lack an account).
  • I have apiphobia (abnormal fear of bees and wasps). The reason for this is because when I was little, no one told me the only sting you when provoked. Even though I know better now, they still scare me.
    • Despite my extreme fear of them (or perhaps BECAUSE of my extreme fear of them), I have never been stung.
    • Ironically, two of my favorite Bug-Type Pokémon are Beedrill and Vespiquen.
  • Ever since Generation III, I have had an affinity with the Timer Ball. This stems from the fact that in Pokémon Sapphire, I had forgotten to grab the Master Ball and as such could not use it. After spending about 3 months chasing after it, I finally captured Latias in a Timer Ball.
    • Likewise, in Pokémon Platinum I caught Giratina with a Timer Ball.
    • A friend of mine has an affinity with the Quick Ball. He caught Palkia at full health with it in Pokémon Platinum.
  • Since I didn't have the Master Ball in Sapphire, I had to use Ultra Balls on Kyogre. I eventually got so mad at it that in a fit of rage I made it faint and then saved. Granted I never made that mistake again.
    • My same friend who caught Palkia in a Quick Ball made Groudon faint and saved (he was new to Pokemon and thought you had to make it faint).
    • We both later got the other versions and caught the respective Pokemon in a Master Ball.
  • The same friend I mentioned above also has an affinity with Sheer Cold. Whenever he uses it with the Kyogre he caught in Sapphire, it almost always hits (I've only seen it miss twice).
    • Likewise, I have an affinity with Fissure (although I'm not always as lucky).
  • The friend I mentioned above and I usually are polar opposites when involving Pokemon:
    • He got Ruby. I got Sapphire.
      • He started with Treecko. I started with Mudkip.
    • He got FireRed. I got LeafGreen.
      • He started with Charmander. I started with Bulbasaur.
    • He got Pearl. I got Diamond.
      • He started with Chimchar. I started with Piplup.
    • In the third versions we also did differing things.
      • In Emerald he started with Torchic. I started with Mudkip.
      • In Platinum he started with Turtwig. I started with Chimchar.
      • I caught Scyther and evolved it into Scizor. He caught Steelix.
    • I have an affinity with the Timer Ball. He has a an affinity with the Quick Ball.
  • In Pokemon Emerald, I completed the Hoenn Dex.
    • I started over, though. :P
  • I have captured two legitimate Shiny Pokemon (not counting Red Gyarados). However, I currently own neither.
    • In Pokemon Ruby, I caught a Green-eared Whismur, and evolved it into a purple Exploud. However, a friend of mine got mad at me and wiped my file but saved my rare Pokemon. It currently resides in his Pokemon FireRed (which he lost).
    • In Pokemon LeafGreen, I caught a silver Slugma and evolved it into a Purple Magcargo. However, I traded it to Emerald and started over.
  • In Pokemon LeafGreen, I caught Entei at full health in an Ultra Ball on my first try.
    • That Entei is gone however; I also sent it to Emerald and started over.
  • As you can see, I've done a lot of stupid stuff in Pokemon.