Pedraito is a Pokémon fan since 1999, when he was only 9 years old. In his nineth birthday, his mother gave him a super combo of gift: A Game Boy color, a game called Pokemon Red and Game Link cable. He liked a lot of Game but he used suffer a little bit cause he is not a native english speaker, so it was difficult for him discovery that you have to give a tea for the guard for get in in Saffron. His first Pokémon was a Charmander but how the lizard fire Pokémon is the most difficult to start a journey in Kanto, he had to capture a Nidoran(Male) and a Pikachu, but after the first two Gyms Charmander fastly became his favourite Pokémon when evolved into a Charizard. A good remeber that he has is when he remembers about the joy that enters the his heart when he captured Mewtwo and can truly call himself a Pokémon Master. Good Memories!!!


I used to watch the anime regulary but after Johto series, the anime became a crap. I remeber that the first episodes was so funny and Ash(despite be a rookie) was very amusing. The series loose a big part of comedy, however the battle pokemons is better now, mainly in the DP series, very good animated. I will never forgive Ash for leave some of his best and faihtful Pokemon. Charizard, Squirtle and Pidgeot were the worst! I feel heart paint only in think about that.

Favorite Pokemons

Pokémon I dislike and why

  • Blaziken - Definetly, it is not a Pokemon. It is a human wearing a chiken clother, the creativity of game freak when created this thing was in the space. They tryed fix it when created Infernape.
  • Salamence - Yes, it is a great pokemon, with wonderful stats, but there already was Dragonite. it is another no creativity attitude of game freak.
  • Solrock and *Lunatone - They are horrible.

and Most pokemon of Advance Generation.

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