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The Crowns of Achievement are items in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. They are given to players as proof that they have collected specific sets of rare items. They have no effect whatsoever.

Crowns of Achievement

Required sets of rare items

The Ancient Treasures

The Ancient Treasures are a set of items that have been the subject of myths for eons. They are composed of eight Looplets that sharply boost stats: the Wildfire Looplet, the Tempest Looplet, the Radiance Looplet, the Time Looplet, the Darkness Looplet, the Sky Looplet, the Red Looplet, and the Blue Looplet.

The Never Hungries'

The Never Hungries' are a set of items that are essential for any adventurer that have been created by the legendary team of gluttons, the Never Hungries. They are composed of four donut-looking Looplets that have positive effects to a Pokémon's belly: the Huge Meal Looplet, the Well-Fed Looplet, the Big Belly Looplet, and the Satiated Looplet.

The Eight Treasures

The Eight Treasures are a set of items that only strong Pokémon are said to be capable of acquiring. They are composed of eight Looplets: the Water Looplet, the Air Looplet, the Grass Looplet, the Mist Looplet, the Sand Looplet, the Sea Looplet, the Earth Looplet, and the Wind Looplet.

The Golden Items

The Golden Items are a set of items that show a grand golden shine. They are composed of five different items: the Golden Spike, the Golden Fossil, the Golden Seed, the Golden Banana, and the Golden Apple.


  • I don't know whether "Crowns of Achievement" is an in-game term, but I assume by the gamefaq article; if it is not, I believe this should be at "Crown", and the crowns from Gates to Infinity exclusive items should be included
    • The article should be at Crown apparently, and the intro too should be changed accordingly
  • I have not checked all English names of items, but can only verify those mentioned at Glorious Gold and those I verified previously (but I personally assume gamefaq is accurate; possibly youtube can help verify)
    • Checked, all good!
  • I don't know whether there is an official term like "Schätze der Welt" that encompasses the Ancient Treasures, the Never Hungries', the Eight Treasures, and the Golden Items—I assume there is not. But if there is, however, and someone knows the English equivalent, I propose we could make it a dedicated page, where we would copy the individual items from their articles, and link whenever mentioning "Ancient Treasures" etc., including on this very page here (that's just my idea, there could be a better one)
    • Apparently, that better idea is to create a "Treasure Collection" article (without copied items), and link there (apparently the term is unofficial)
  • I haven't had time to (confirm and) include the locations from gamefaq (they're not on the German pokewiki page) yet; everything that's on any individual dungeon page is reliable, though (that information is also on the German wiki, but I think it's just as detailed; I could check, or add later)
    • Not for this article
  • For me, it seems like you immediately get the crowns, but maybe you receive them from Ampharos or something; youtube, probably
  • The order is shared between the German wiki and gamefaq, so I presume it makes some sense to keep
    • Assumption confirmed.

The following is missing, but should/will most likely end up in an incomplete tag, unless someone can do it:

  • sprites, obviously
  • Japanese names
  • missing Item template params (buy/sell, desc etc.)
  • for the Never Hungries' the Germans say they look like donuts, and that they have been created by the "legendären Schleckermäulern von Team Sattmacher", which literally gives something like "legendary/infamous honey-lovers of Team Saturation" or so? If anybody has a clue...!?
    • VioletPumpkin had a clue. I've added it for now, but it apparently doesn't belong here anyway (see above).