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Hippocampus is a relatively small earth-colored creature that are most commonly found in arid places. It spends its time eating and avoids water at all costs. He also has a large mouth with big teeth. Hippocampus uses that perfectly, being a gourmet eater and a famous foodie. One of their more interesting features is that they can shoot jets of sand from ports on their bodies and presumably from their large nostrils. But Hippocampus, in addition to that, can sleep all day and take no damage at all from opponents, but heal up instead! This makes their habit somewhat similar yet completely different from their real world counterpart. Hippocampus' tail is also very strong as it is used to whack mosquitoes, hee hee. ♪

Gender differences

Hippocampus is only available in Male form.

Special abilities

Hippocampus can eat, eat, and eat. (and eat as well )

He can also eat his opponent, burp.


If you ask him, he likes sleeping, eating, and surfing Bulbapedia. He also likes drawing manga and driving Legendary Pokémon mad. He likes to put his stinky, stubby feet on the chair and has no toilet-training. He shares a room with his cousin.


Hippocampus lives at home.


Hippocampus loves eating, and can eat almost everything. His favourite food is chocolate, and cabbage. He has been to many restaurant, namely the Seven Stars Restaurant. He also loves TCG cards, as their fibres and colour have plenty of nutrients for him to devour.

In the anime

He loves watching the anime while eating and putting his feet on his room-mate's chair. He dislikes Ash as he is much too lazy to appreciate his rashness and zealousness.

In the TCG

He collects the TCG cards, then eats them. His favourite card is well, um, Hippopotas.

Thank you for having a lot a lot of patience in viewing this page. Hippocampus is too lazy to deserve that.