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EspeonA's Talk Page 196

Here's my anime dub predictions page, which is a ripoff of inspired by Kenji-girl's and Maxim's. Since I started a bit late, there's little characters to go from. I don't have very good reasons for my predictions since I just guess them. The aforementioned users have some good names, so I may be stealing a few many from them.


Character First episode Prediction Reason Actual Accuracy
DP095 Yolanda
I... dunno. They've already used Yolanda already, but... er... The names start with the same letter?

As for the second name... Sure, they've used "Lily" a thousand times, but one more won't hurt, right?
Anyway, it's the same number of syllables, plus the last syllable is similar, so...
Prof Carolina.png
Professor Karashina
DP096 Professor Chrysanthemum Yeah, Kenji-girl guessed this already, but I think it's going to be the correct English spelling... Um... yeah. N/A
Barry anime.png
DP101 Josh
I can't help but guessing the same ones Maxim and Kenji-girl have, as they seem correct. I think Josh is more likely than Barry, however, because of the similar-name factor. I'm pretty sure they're not going to use Pearl for the name, though. N/A

Darn lack of characters of the day since Jun. Oh well, next is games! Or next are games. Whichever one is gramatically correct.


Character Game Prediction Reason Actual Accuracy
Platinum Thorton.png
Factory Head Nejiki
Pokémon Platinum Factory Head Fabian More name-stealing from others (sorry Maxim), because it sounds perfect. It's similar to factory, and he looks like a Fabian anyway. N/A
Platinum Dahlia.png
Roulette Goddess Dahlia
Pokémon Platinum Roulette Mistress ??? I agree with Kenji-girl again; they're going to drop "Goddess" in the title because of parents. Don't know about the actual name though yet. N/A
Platinum Darach Caitlin.png
Castle Butlers Kokuran and Cattleya
Pokémon Platinum Castle Servants ??? and Cassi And again with Kenji-girl's title, with "Servants" instead of "Butlers." No clue about the guy's name yet, but Cassi is derived from Cassiopeia, which is what I think of when I look at the girl. And the name is similar with the first part, and it sounds like castle. N/A
Platinum Argenta.png
Stage Madonna Kate
Pokémon Platinum Stage Artist ???
Stage Artist Kate
Another stolen title. Artist instead of Madonna. I'll really be surprised if they use Kate, even though it'll be a bit obvious. My real prediction has yet to be known. N/A
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