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Hello! I'm not nearly as dedicated as most people on here, but hopefully I can be of some use on this wiki.

I speak Japanese and I'm a big fan of the Pokémon anime. I've also been a professional programmer for over 15 years, for a variety of languages.

I'm also familiar with PRNG abuse (primarily Gen III-V, but some for the newer generations too), so let me know if you have any questions about that. I used to mod the r/PokémonTrades and r/PokémonRNG subs.


I'm the maintainer of PokéSprite, a database project of box and inventory sprites from the Pokémon core series games. For this project I made over 1600 custom shiny versions of official sprites, and they're used by trader spreadsheets and various other projects like PKHeX. I'd love to know if you use it for anything!

I've done various other Pokémon related projects that can be found on my Github page.


Leave a message on my talk page or e-mail me.